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As you know we are proud to have established a reputation for being one of the most Inclusive schools in the country and it is because of the passion that we have for the wellbeing of every single child at our school that I feel the need to write this letter to you. Today we have taken the time to talk to the children about their future at Athelney Primary School so that they are ready for the next step in their educational careers and their future lives. Please read this letter carefully and discuss the changes with your child over the weekend.

BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING                    
At Athelney Primary School we believe everyone has the right to feel safe, secure, happy and healthy within a positive learning environment. Everyone should be respected as an individual and feel able to contribute to life in the school community.  The implementation of our behaviour management policy is the responsibility of the staff, children, parents/carers, governors and the wider community.

When you chose to accept the place at Athelney, whether that was eight years or eight weeks ago, you signed up to our values and culture and we have endeavoured to ensure that all stakeholders adhere to this wherever possible.

When our children follow our rules and values, they will be complimented and rewarded through their class agreed systems.  Children will also receive praise and positive comments from the adults in school for good behaviour, manners, learning and for acts of kindness/caring.
Each half-term, achievements will be celebrated during Celebration Assembly. Celebration certificates will be awarded for good learning, following the values and for achieving a personal target. Speak Out rewards will
All children are rewarded for achieving 10, 25, 50 and 100 green card days.

We have identified a need to more stringently enforce our behaviour expectations this term so that all pupils in Key Stage Two and our wider community have the opportunity to succeed. Those who maintain good behaviour need not fear this change, they should embrace the fact that we will not tolerate the behaviour and nonsensical acts that have caused them to be distracted in recent days.


A RED CARD is given for on-going disruptive behaviour (following a verbal warning and a yellow card).

A RED CARD is given immediately for zero tolerance behaviour – there is no verbal warning or move through the card system. This can only be enforced by a member of the senior leadership team, but can be requested by any member of staff and an investigation may uphold this request.

A RED CARD will be given immediately for ZERO TOLERANCE behaviours:

Verbal abuse: Racist and homophobic language will not be tolerated
Physical abuse: any unacceptable contact with another child (including PLAY FIGHTING) or any other member of the community eg punching, kicking, pinching, hitting, slapping, grabbing, stealing, destroying property etc
Mental abuse: bullying – something that goes on day after day after day
*NEW* Social media abuse-  where action on social media have a detrimental impact on the learning of any pupils including the instigator.

The Behaviour Monitoring Log will be completed by the reporting adult and parents/carers will be informed verbally by the adult who investigated the incident or awarded the red card. We will need to follow up this red card with a discussion with parents, at present this will be virtually or on the telephone.

If a child’s actions have caused damage to anyone’s property the child will be expected to tidy/clean/replace the damaged property.  Parents/carers will always be informed of these incidents and expectations.

The children have been reminded of these expectations and consequences and are happy with the clear explanations around justice for all pupils and staff. Please do not hesitate to talk to your class team or contact me via the school office if you have any comments or questions.

Mrs Dummer
Head of School