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Wednesday 27th January

Literacy Focus: using speech punctuation correctly.

We're continuing to develop our speech punctuation skills today. Open the sheet and complete the activities below. For an extra challenge: could you write a short story using speech marks and paragraphs. Good luck, agents!

Listen to Chapters 23 (where Varjak finally meets Sally Bones!) and 24

Maths Video

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Ms Wongdies explains today's maths!

Calculating change from larger amounts


If we are we are paying with £5 or £10, things can get more confusing.

The first thing to check is whether the change is less than £1.


If it is, then we just use our jigsaw numbers!


Have a look at this: 


My Food costs £4.49

I am paying with £5. How do I calculate change? 


£5 - £4.49  = ? 

We need to put the amounts of money into the same format

 E.g. £5.00 - £4.49 or 500p - 449p  Columns are tricky here because of the double zeros in the larger number: 

   500p      £5.00                            To do this we need to double borrow
 - 449p     -£4.49                                     from the hundreds/ £.


The easiest way is to use our jigsaw number knowledge: 

I know what I need to get from 49 to the next 100 or £1  ---> 51p

From 449p to 500p I use my Jigsaw number knowledge: 449p to my 500p  ---> 51p



How about if I am paying with £10 for this food?  Convert / change the money to the same format

£10.00 - £4.49 or 1000p - 449p

I need to add in another step. 

I use my Jigsaw numbers to get to the next 100p as before.

the next hundred pence is 500p or £5 ----- > 449p to 500p  ---> 51p

From the £5 (500p), we need to find the difference between £5 and 10 



The amounts in our jumps are the amount of change we would get from £10.

Let's carefully put them together - remember when we write money, the last two digits are the p

--------------------------------->                     £     .51

The pounds go before the decimal        £   5.51


Challenge trick - optional!

One other trick you may wish to try to avoid double borrowing is ADJUSTING - subtract 1p from the £5 (500p) AND the amount you spend

and put into columns:                    4 9 9p                 (I really like this one but it takes a while 

                                                    - 4 4 8p                    to get your head around) 

                                                         5 1p

Questions for today: 



Maths Extension - is the change correct?


In this lesson, you will be exploring your local habitat in order to identify its changes and possible threats to local wildlife.


-Your local environment includes your street, a local park or a local river walk.


What is a habitat?

Dangers of habitat changes for Animals and Plants 

Examples of habitat changes