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Mars Class Year Three


Marvellous Awesome Responsible Superheroes


Please take a look at our page to see our fantastic learning, this half-term.


We are using ' The Mousehole Cat'  by Antonia Barber to challenge us to create fabulous pieces of writing.



This half term, our text is 'The Worst Witch' by Jill Murphy. We have been finding out about Mildred's mischievous activities at school. On Fridays, we practise our Comprehension skills.



Each day, we practise our Maths skills during CLIC lessons and our main Maths learning.




This term, Light in Art is our goal. We are using Rembrandt's art work to create our own masterpieces. We will find out about his life, where he was born and discuss his work.



'Light and Seeing' is our topic this half-term. We will learn how shadows are made and how our eyes see. During Black History Month, we will focus on the inventor Lewis Latimer and his links with Thomas Edison.


RE: Rules and Responsibilities

PSHE: Strengths and Challenges


Do we learn away from the classroom?

The Dulwich Picture Gallery will be our hosts on the 17th October, 2019.


What shall I bring with me during the week?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Reading journals

Wednesday - Big Maths Learn Its is due in 

Thursday - Swimming kit (please bring a swimming cap)

Friday - Spelling assessment



Create a model or a report on:

1.Objects that bend or reflect light 

2. Light and Shadows

3. Light and Seeing


Try to use materials you may already have at home,  to create your fantastic projects.


We hope to have a fabulous half-term and your support with your child's learning at home is welcomed.



Thank you for your support,

Ms Humphrey

Mrs Leach and

Mrs Cox-Grey