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Learning Science Together

Family Science (morning group)

Family Science (afternoon group)

Dear Family Sciencers,


Thanks for an brilliant day!  We had an absolute corker of a time and we hope you did too! 

Take a look at the snaps below (taken by our in-house photographer - Dave Leach) and spot yourself doing science.  Remember that by participating in this event you have started a journey into primary science learning.  We hope that you have gained more of an understanding of the world of primary science and of the types of investigations that your children engage with to help them to develop their science knowledge and enquiry skills.  Keep showing an interest in your child's science learning and rest easy, safe in the knowledge that in doing this you are helping to develop their curiosity and wonder in the world around and foster a love of the subject.  And remember, at the end of each week don't forget to ask your child 'What have you been doing in science this week?'!

Science in Action!