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Tuesday 23rd February

Literacy focus:

Read the story

Today, you are going to read a story about a husky called Nanuck who has been chosen to be part of a dog team on a trip to the North Pole.


Answer the questions about it online. 




Line graphs are another way of presenting date over time. It can be over different dates in a month, or hours in a day. 

Lesson video 1

Still image for this video

lesson video 2

Still image for this video

Lesson video 3 (no sound - sorry!)

Still image for this video
In order to be able to draw on the blank graph, I had to use the computer whose microphone does not work. Accordingly there is no audio to this video or the next, but I have tried to illustrate clearly the process of marking the data on the graph.

Lesson video 4 (no audio!)

Still image for this video
Here I am showing how to connect the data markers *in time order*. The order of the months on the left must be followed to create a correct line graph.

lesson slides


Naming Parts of the Digestive System

Before you start, I have a challenge for you...

Draw the outline of a human body, like the one below and draw and label the parts you THINK are a part of the digestive system. 


Here are some clues to help you think: 

  • How do humans digest food?
  • How does the food travel around the body?
  • What parts of the body are involved?


The digestive system and digestion | Educational Video for Kids

Watch this video after completing the first challenge

With all your new information, complete the sheet below and check your answers once complete