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Ulysses Class

Mr Luke Coughlan

Ulysses class teacher

Ulysses Science Investigation - Sedgehill

Before half-term, Ulysses class had an exciting practical science lesson at Sedgehill.  The children have been learning about changing materials, and in this session the children were trying to extract salt from a saline solution.

During the investigation, the children ground the rock salt using a pestle and mortar, before adding this to water.  This solution was then mixed and stirred carefully until the salt had completely dissolved. After, the children then needed to heat the mixture using a Bunsen burner so that the water would evaporate, leaving the salt behind. 

The children worked fantastically in pairs and particularly enjoyed wearing their Science goggles. Well done Ulysses class, you did Athelney proud! 


Mrs Brannan 

Curriculum overview for this term.

Science investigation

Drama in literacy.