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                Teacher: Miss Hedington
             Teacher Assistant: Mrs Brophy
                                 LSA: Ms Summers

We have loved learning about the seaside! What we even loved more was, our trip to Broadstairs! We played with the sand, went in the sea and had an icecream!

We have loved learning about SPRING. we have learnt about insects, the signs of spring, parts of a flower and how to plant a seed. We have also role-played a flower shop- florist and the children have been making their own vases to put the flowers in. Look at our incredible work!

WE LOVED CHRISTMAS TREE FARM! we loved feeding and touching the farm animals. It was fun but some of us found it a bit scary feeding the animals. We saw goats,cows, horses, sheep, donkeys, ducks, chickens, ponies and pigs. We also saw lambs, piglets, kids and chicks!

we have been practising to ride the bike without stabilsers! We CAN DO IT! welldone Chayse, Cavarney, Salma, Ismail, Kian, Nokaiah and Mikaeel!

We love splashing in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig! Oink Oink

Have a lovely day on Sunday.

Spring has arrived and we have loved learning through our play outside


We did our NSPCC super circuit fundraiser. Please bring in your sponsor form, the box is outside moon class. The class with most forms win a prize! Thankyou for your support.

Healthy Start Information on Vitamins and Food Vouchers 

You qualify for Healthy Start if you’re at least 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under four years old and you or your family get:

  • Income Support, or
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, or
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or
  • Child Tax Credit (with a family income of £16,190 or less per year)
  • Universal Credit (with a family take home pay of £408 or less per month) 

You also qualify if you are under 18 and pregnant, even if you don’t get any of the above benefits.

You can check to see if you qualify by clicking on the link below: 

About Healthy Start Vitamins

Pregnant women, women with a child under 12 months and children aged from four weeks to four years who are receiving Healthy Start vouchers are entitled to free Healthy Start vitamins.

You can get these from your local distribution points. Bellingham Childrens Centre, South Lewisham Health Centre Downderry Children Centre, Torridon Children Centre and Hatcham Oak Early Childhood Centre provides it. For more information click on the link below: 


About Healthy Start Vouchers

If you qualify for Healthy Start vouchers there are lots of great foods you can buy with your Healthy Start vouchers:

milk, plain fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables and infant formula milk. For more information click on the link below: 




Can you guess what characters we are? The theme for book week in moon class is fairy tales. We have been reading lots of different fairy tales, learning about what is a fairy tale and the themes. Please read or tell some fairy tale stories to your children: Little red riding hood, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Hanzel and Gretal, The Gingerbread man, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Princess and the Pea.

PANCAKE DAY! Today we all ate pancakes. The ingredients were: milk, eggs and flour. The mixture was runny when we put it into the pan. Our toppings were: honey and lemon and sugar. They were yummy!

Today we learnt how to be safe on our tablets, at home and on the roads.

We learnt about the lollipop person, zebra crossing and pelican crossing. We also learnt the special rules: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

We also learnt about being safe on our tablets. We should let our grown- ups download apps and games for us. We should not click on videos we don’t know and we should not talk to people we don’t know online. If any of the above happen, we should ASK OUR GROWN- UP. We should not be watching or playing anything that is not suitable for our age e.g. FORTNITE. Also, there is a setting on youtube which is restricted view that children should be using OR even better if you download youtube kids.
SING THE SONG BELOW and click on the PowerPoint links provided.

The children know this song so please remind them

Have a lovely half term moon class!

Parents thank you for all your support.

“We went to the restaurant Wagamama. We made fruit drinks, we smelt and tasted their ingredients, we made our own food prep bag and weighed it. The chef made us a bowl of stir-fry. It was YUMMY, TASTY, NICE, DELICIOUS and FANTASTIC! Finally, they gave us a goody bag for us to take home” To all our friends who have chicken pox “ get better soon, we miss you”

This week it has been children's mental health week.  We have focussed on feelings- happy, sad, lonely, worried etc.. Children have drawn their worries then thought of strategies to help cope with their worries eg. taking deep breaths, telling someone, telling the worry monster, want a hug, having some water, smelling flowers...... We have talked about the importance of sleeping and how it is good to have a good bedtime routine. The children thought of a ' recipe for a goodnight sleep'.  We ended the week on a fun memory game. Where children in pairs had to take it in turns to go and look at the picture away from their partner (below) choose one thing that was on the picture and then come back to their partner and tell their partner what they had to draw. The partner would then draw what their partner said. Then you swap over and repeat the same process.  This was a challenging game- great for communication, language, teamwork, drawing, memory and trust.  Have a go with your child! 

Ismail and Mikaeel have shown a great interest in bikes this week. They have been learning the parts of the bikes and how to use them for example using the brakes to stop not their feet. They have been riding the bike with stabilisers so well and moving confidently that they are now trying to practise learning to ride the bike with no stabilisers! Keep it up boys- you can do it!






Following on from last lesson- we have now been learning about healthy vs unhealthy. We made up our own healthy plate and then worked together in groups to complete healthy or unhealthy puzzles

Today (18.1.19) we have been learning about personal hygiene and how to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Moon class learnt how to keep healthy by; blowing their noses with a tissue correctly, washing their hands correctly and how to brush their teeth. They have all been given a touth brush and tooth paste for them to keep at home! Remember to brush the back teeth first, then the front in circles, then spit and DONT RINSE YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH WATER AFTER YOU SPIT. youtube has a great video to show children how to wash their hands :

Cavarney and Shamars interest was pirates; along with many others. So we have been learning about Pirates for the past two weeks. The children made a pirate ship from the blocks and have been dressing up. We learnt about the pirate ships (sails, jolly roger, anchor) what pirates wear ( eye- patch, gold and silver jewerally, hat ) we made treasure chest, a map for them. We also learnt about jobs that pirates will do on board ( climb the riggings, scrub the decks) They use telescopes and a compass.

Art: We were dancing to the beat of the music THEN we were moved our pen to the beat of the music. We listened to ' I got this feeling inside my bones' 'Beetoven the 5th' and songs from 'The Greatest Showman'

PJ PARTY! we loved coming to school in our PJs. We loved playing pass the parcel, musical chairs, musical bumps and statues Our christmas party food was yummy!! SANTA even came and gave us all a present! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thankyou parents for all your support!

MMMMM christmas dinner! Pull, Pull, Pull, the Cracker.... BANG!

Even when it is so cold we love learning outdoors! For example; we have been building and measuring our heights. Cooking cakes in the mud kitchen, Doing obsticle races and writing down our times, Making models from lego or with the community blocks.

Welldone MOON class, your first performance was lovely and you all look great! We hope you enjoyed our nativity and are proud of us!

We had a fantastic time watching Aladdin at the Broadway theatre! we laughed and we danced. Kimberley even went on stage and sang baby shark! Go kimberley!

What a calm lovely friday afternoon we had. Firstly we learnt how to draw a house and then after we made the house out of tissue paper.

What a busy two weeks we have had. 2 girls (Aminat and Mari) wanted to learn about princesses. Before you know it nearly of all of the girls in the cohort wanted to learn about them. They made mood boards for their princess dress, crown and castle. Then they designed them and made their own princess crown and castle. Finally, they wrote about their models- what fantastic writing! Some of boys enjoyed learning about princes and their crowns and castles. They loved making castles out of the blocks.

Skyela came in and wanted to learn about weddings. She made her own dress, she designed her bridesmaid dress and made it. She made flowers and rings. We then had our own moon class wedding at the moon class church and had a wedding reception (dancing) after. CONGRATULATIONS to our brides and grooms

We went to the fire station. We got to go in a fire engine. We got to spray water using their big hose! We took loads of pictures! We loved the fire fighters because they helped us!

the fire fighters said: If you go on google and type in London fire brigade you can order a smoke alarm and they will come and fit it in your house for FREE!

We loved going on a nature hunt to learn about autumn. We found, brown, red, green, yellow and orange leaves. We found feathers, sticks and mushrooms. Thank you to the mummies and daddy who came with us. We loved exploring!

We had a girl band in moon class this week, Kylie, Skyela, Murjana, Kimberley and Salma! The dance 'Kiki do you love me' was choreographed by Kylie. Unfortunately the video wont upload.

This week we have been learning about Diwali and fireworks. 

The children have been making rangoli patterns and diva lamps out of clay.

Thankyou to Sanjyan, Vibusin and Anushs' mummies for bringing in gifts for the children and coming in to show us how to do Rangoli Patterns, they were beautiful!

Big Me Week. We have loved learning about the different jobs that people do and acting their jobs out; firefighter, vet, doctors, dentist, builders and the police

Some free things to do in the half term at Downham Library. Have a lovely half term

Now it is your turn to try baking at home! Below is the recipe of how to make cupcakes. Enjoy

WOW moon class you were amazing on your first ever school trip to the library! We enjoyed going on the bus, listening to the stories, looking at all the different books and we loved choosing our own book to take back to school!

Welldone moon class for your first full week at school. 

We hope you have a lovely restful weekend and cant wait to see you back on Monday. 

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We have started our phonic lessons now where we have learnt the sounds s, a, t, p. 

We have been sending home phonic sheets each time we have learnt a new sound, this is for your child to complete and consolidate their learning at home. 

If you would like to bring it in and show the teacher your fabulous work moon class, please do so.

We would love to see. 


You can youtube the phonic songs we use to teach the children the new sound at 

YouTube> jolly phonics phase 2

See link below 



Moon class have been busy bees this week- they have been enjoying their swimming lessons, playing outside, acting out home life in the home corner or pretending to be the doctor or the vet in the topic roleplay corner, they have been very creative in the creative area; making beautiful pictures or making lots of different models from recycled materials or from the cubes.

Keep it up moon class!


  1. School Hours Are:
    Monday to Thursday
    8.50am to 3.25pm
    8.50am to 2.30pm

  2. Please make sure your child wears the correct school uniform and brings their book bag to school every day.
  3. Swimming is on MONDAY. In a separate bag they need a towel, swimming costume/trunks and their swimming cap.
  4. Reading- your child will get given a home reading book once a week when they are ready, I kindly ask that you read with them 10 minutes every day and then write a small comment in their reading record book.

Your child can also choose a bed time story book from the box to take home and read with you. Please return this the next day so they can swap it for a different book.