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The Queen's Handbag By Steve Antony

Today we are going to be roleplaying.


We will role play - being the swan and tell the story from her perspective.


First get one of your mum's hand bag. 

Then pretend to fly around your house stopping at the different landmarks.

(What can you see and hear?)

(What emotions are you feeling?)

(Are you enjoying yourself?)


Then you are going to write about your adventure.


Remember to write in first person (I, we, me).

Write :

- why you took the bag

- what could you see, hear and smell

- how you felt when they all chased you

- why you went to the different landmarks

- what were your plans

- what happened in the end


Have fun writing!

Spelling Practise - Plurals

P.E with Joe

Today is PE day, take part at home with the workout from Joe Wicks