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Moon Class Reception


Teacher: Miss Hedington

Teacher Assistant: Mrs Brophy

1:1 ISA: Ms Croft

Important information

School times
Monday – Thursday: 8.50-3.25
                    Friday     : 8.50- 2.30

EVERY MONDAY MORNING Moon Class will be swimming.
Your child needs in a separate bag: a swimming cap (£1.50 from the office) a towel and swimming costume/ trunks.

You must bring a school bag to school every day.

Label all your children’s belongings.

In Reception, we follow ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’. We believe children learn best through play, first hand experiences and through their interests.


You can help your child in many ways at home: 

1. Talk to your child for example, about their day, when you are cooking, what you can see when you are walking home/on the bus. 

2. Read them a bed time story. Talk about the book and ask questions about the book to check they are understanding ( questions you can ask are below) 

3. When in the environment count things you see e.g. dogs, steps, buses. You can look out for shapes and letters in the environment.

4. Play jolly phonics phase 2 on youtube to help with the letter sounds. Link below. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

We made pizza bread. You an try this at home! Get some bread, spread some tomato pasata on it, sprinkle some cheese and put it in the oven for a few minutes. Keep checking on it. Then eat it.... YUM!

We had the dentist come in to talk to use about looking after our teeth. We also did a life skill session on brushing our teeth and looking after them. Here is what we learnt: We need to brush our teeth 2 times a day- morning and night. We need to brush them for two minutes. We put on a pea size amount of toothpaste. We spit don't rinse. We should go and see the dentist to look at our teeth. Sweets, fizzy drinks, cakes are bad for our teeth and we will get cavities (holes). Fruit, vegetables, water and milk are good for our teeth.

Tooth Brushing Song | 2 Minute Brush Teeth Song for Kids

Tooth Brush Song This 2 minute song is the perfect length to watch and listen to as kids brush their teeth. Brushing your teeth is important to keep them strong and healthy. Brushing your teeth for two minutes is enough time to keep plaque and tarter away.

This week we have made sandwiches. Let your child make their own sandwiches at home. Children buttered their bread, then cut it in half, they added their filling to one slice and then put the other slice bread on top to make a sandwich. Encourage them to choose healthy options to put in their sandwich and talk to them about being healthy and unhealthy. You could extend them by asking them to label the ingrediants they used.

Look at our ballerinas! The children learnt what a ballerina is, perfomed a routine to the adults and the cohort and learnt what a ballerina wears.

THIS WEEK WE HAVE BEEN COOKING CUPCAKES. HERE IS THE RECIPE- Have a go at home. Talk about the ingrediants- where does some of the ingrediants come from? Follow the instructions, talk about the changes in mixture, the oven, the quantity you aremaking. See if they can recall how you make cupcakes after.

This spring half term we will be lots of cooking and learning life skills- how to be healthy through exercise and eating, personal hygiene, e-safety, safety at home, bedtime routines and our feelings and how to cope with them. 

THIS IS THE PLAYDOUGH RECIPE WE USE AT SCHOOL- WHY DON'T YOU TO MAKE PLAYDOUGH AT HOME WITH YOUR CHILD?. This supports your childs learning across all areas of the curriculum e.g. physical devlopment, communication and language, exploring materials.

We had a christmas party and we played pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. We had a christmas selfie booth, we had party food and watched a film. SANTA came to see us aswell and gave us a present! We had fun.

Our yummy christmas dinner :)

We hoped you liked our nativity :) We learnt about the christmas story/ nativity. In the story we have Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, donkey, angel Gabriel, star, shepherds, the hrrible king, camels and the 3 kings

Look at our fantastic gymastics! We did tuck, star, back/front balance, bridge, straddle and some balancing. Look at these photos moon class and keep practising at home!

This week we are learning doubling. 

Double 1~     1+1=2

Double 2~      2+2=4

Double 3~      3+3= 6

Double 4~      4+4=8

Double 5~       5+5=10

Children can go on youtube and type in double songs for children it will come up with a few. The double number zoo is the song we have been doing in class (Link below) 


We have been learning money and recognising the coins 1p,2p,5p,10p. We have been describing the coins aswell.

1p- is a copper/brown small coin.

2p- is a big brown/copper coin.

5p- is a small silver coin

10p- is a big silver coin.

At home you can show your child the coins above and let them play with it. You could pretend to play shops which we have been doing in class (one person is the shopkeeper the other is the customer). The children have also been writing shopping lists so you can encourage your child to write a shopping list and take your child to an actual shop to buy the things on the list and show them the different ways you can pay- coins/notes/card. The children have also been writing shopping lists For online games - visit and type in money for money games. 


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Picture 9

LETS GET MESSY! We loved using our nature hunt bags to do 'leaf printing' and making an autumn collage.

We loved our year 6 buddies coming down to our class to make our #JaiMatters Jars which will light up the streets of Bellingham.

We had a lovely stay and play on the last day of term. We loved showing the parents our learning environment and all the activities we have been getting up to. Hopefully parents you will come again for future stay and plays as we loved having you here! Love Moon Class

What a fantastic first trip we had to the library! We loved choosing our own book to school and we will get to read them after half term. We did great walking and loved going on the 136 bus! Welldone Moon class for a great first trip!

We have been learning how to play the glockenspiel and been practising how to recongise our numbers and count a number out from a pile. We have also loved learning our sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d) after phonics the children have been pretending to be the teacher with the sounds.

Some pictures of what we have been learning. We have set up a doctor/dentist roleplay area and trying to understand how they help us using the equiment. Been using our imagination and thinking of things to make using scissors in our junk modelling area. We have started learning our sounds and children have been practising how to write the sounds- keep doing the sound sheets at home and playing jolly phonics. Keep up the good learning moon class.

I have been so proud of moon class and they should be proud of themselves. You have settled into reception amazingly and are getting to know the routines. Look at all the things we have been getting up to; swimming, singing assembly, exploring the learning environment and making new friends.

For the first half term we will be focussing on the children:

  1. Settling in and happy in their new class/learning environment.
  2. Making friends with each other
  3. Exploring all areas of the learning environment and showing interests
  4. Learning the class routines and the expected behaviour
  5. Getting undressed and dressed independently and controlling their personal hygiene.