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Friday 8th January

The TRUE story of the 3 little pigs by A.Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka. Grandma Annii's Story Time

The wolf is trying to set the story straight of how he came to be 'big and bad'. It's the story of the 3 little pigs from the perspective of Alexander T. Wol...



Write a letter to A.Wolf in jail. Have a think about what more you would like to know about his version of events. What questions would you  ask, to help you find out what really happened to the three little pigs?


Remember to include

  • An address and date
  • A greeting e.g. Dear Mr A. Wolfe
  • Questions (don’t forget the ?) ,this could include information you would like to find out.
  • Your own thoughts on the whole story, do you believe the wolf.
  • Your name (Full name)


I look forward to reading your letters. Don’t forget to send them.


How to Draw Repeating Patterns Art Hack - HGTV Handmade

Use this video to help you design your very own repeated patterns. Please send pictures once you have completed your designs.

P.E with Joe | Friday 27th March 2020

Day 5 of my 9am daily workouts