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Monday 22nd February

Literacy focus:

Build your vocabulary!

This week we are going to study a story about a husky called Nanuck who has been chosen to be part of a dog team on a trip to the North Pole. At first he feels excited and proud, but then things begin to get difficult.


Today, you are going to boost your vocabulary by learning some new words. Open the worksheet and complete the activities. You can use a dictionary if you'd like. Email your teacher if there are still any other words.


Statistics - Pictograms





Look through the videos and slides below to learn about pictograms. Read the descriptions carefully and try to answer the questions. 

Afterwards, complete the learning - choose your challenge. 

Lesson video 1

Still image for this video

Lesson Video 2

Still image for this video

Maths slides - pictograms


North and South

After watching this video, how would you describe the UK's position on Earth?

Today we will focus on the Northern hemisphere...

This includes, all of Europe, all of North America, the top part of Africa and the top part of South America. 

Use the interactive globe and your own research to complete the sheet below


Can you name any countries on the equator?