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Reading and Stories

Our Texts for Spring 2 were:


Have a read of The Green Ship. 

- use the powerpoint. 

  • Make a model or a collage of the Green ship
  • Roleplay and character description: Can you roleplay part of the the story? How does your character behave? Write a description of the character of your choice 


  • Write an adventure story about where you will travel in the Green Ship


Remember to plan: 

The BEGINNING - introduce the characters and where they are. Describe them. What are they saying? 

The Build up - what are the first things to happen? 

The PROBLEM - what goes wrong? Why is it exciting? How does it affect the characters?

The resolution - How is the problem solved? How do the characters feel now? 

The Ending - What do the characters do now that they're all safe? 


You could type your story and send it to my class email address!