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Project idea

Project of interest

I am very aware that it can be tricky to study at home, but we need to keep ourselves AND OUR BRAINS active. To get you guys inspired, I am making the suggestion that you guys to choose a topic for your own learning on something that you find really interesting, and I can't always tell you what that is!  You could chose a country, an animal, a sport, a period in History, volcanoes, mountains, farming, the history of video games or computers - whatever you're interested in! You can email me at the address above with any questions about this idea. If you want to do this here are some things you could do. 

You could: 

- do some research online, and create a non-fiction report. you can write it , then read it back with your parents and publish it with pictures, captions, subheadings and interesting facts

 -make a presentation and video it. 

- write a story about or connected to it

- create a dance or song and video it

- create a drawing, painting or collage of your chosen subject

- make a junk model of your chosen subject

- make a graph about your project 


You can send photos of the learning you're doing to the email link