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Pluto Class Year One

Welcome to Pluto Class

Dear all,

It has been a pleasure to meet you all and we are delighted to be working with  you in the 2023/2024 academic year . Together, let's make this transition a joyful experience for your child and the Athelney community.

Key Staff

  • Mrs Dummer – Head of School
  • Mr Potts – Federation Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr Simms – Deputy Headteacher
  • Ms Williams – Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr Mace – Resource Base Lead
  • Ms McMahon / Ms Townsend – Pastoral Lead
  • Ms Jones – Key Phase Leader
  • Class Teachers - Ms Anumah
  • Support Staff- Mrs Howell



School gate opens at 8.40 am

School starts at 8.50 am

Lessons starts at 9.00 am

School ends at 3.20pm - Monday to Thursday

School ends at 2.20pm on Fridays.


PE day is every Thursday

Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit: Black, dark gray or navy shorts, joggers or leggings.

  • White or purple t-shirt
  • Trainers (any colour)  or plimsoles



                                        Swimming day is Friday

Please remember to put swimming kits in a separate bag.

  • Swimming costume
  • swimming hat ( children are not allowed into the pool without one)
  • Towel


 Please check this page regularly for updates on what  we have been learning in class. Any questions? Please contact me on this email address :





Spring 1


Week 3

We explored space further this week by building a space station  in our playground to communicate with astronauts. We also built space shuttle with legos.

We wrote a recount of Look Up! It was fun to draw the important events in the story in the order in which they happened and apply phonics to annotate our story map.

Week 2



This week we have been exploring things that happen in space and learnt that meteor showers occurs when our planet earth moves through trail of dust left by a comet. We were so surprise to watch a clip on meteor showers in real life and to learn that most meteors are smaller than a grain of sand and that the best time to see a meteor shower is when it is dark, with no clouds. We looked at meteor shower names and made flyers inviting everyone to come and see one named after us. We  discussed famous astronauts  know that Mae Jemison is the first African - American woman in space!

Week 1

Our topic this term is Space and our chosen text is Look Up by Nathan Bryon. In this text, we meet Rocket, an extraordinary girl on a mission to show everyone a spectacular sight.... Meteor Shower! We have been inspired that when we dream big, anything can happen. We have also engaged in activities related to winter, temperature and weather outdoors. We drew winter trees and changes in weather  outdoors.

Autumn 2

We have learnt so much this term. We intend to observe as many celebrations as possible. 

Autumn Hunt

As part of our topic on Autumn and changes in our environment, we visited Beckenham Place Park in week three to look at these changes in nature and for our Autumn hunt. We saw some acorns, mushrooms and squirrels. We also saw red leaves, yellow leaves, brown leaves and green leaves. We looked at evergreen and deciduous trees.

The Seven Continents


The seven continents was our topic in Geography. In week two, we learnt about what these continents are and which continent to find the United Kingdom. We also choose a country from each continent to learn more about. We particularly enjoyed talking about France in Europe, China in Asia and Australia in Oceania. We discussed food and places to visit in these countries. We voted for the best country and continent to visit. France in Europe was the winner! We made a French flag bunting to celebrate this.

Seven Continents Song

The Five Senses

In week, we explored our five senses. We learnt about the body parts responsible for our sight, smell, taste and touch.

We looked further into our sense of taste and held a tasting session to classify our food taste into five taste qualities: sweet, savory, salty, bitter and salty. We know our tongue is responsible for our sense of taste.

Autumn 1


We have had a fantastic term so far. We are getting to know more about our friends and our learning environment. We learn through play and are delighted to have continuous provision as part of our learning journey.