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Science Page

Science is All Around us! 


At Athelney Primary School we believe that scientific investigation is one of the most powerful ways to learn; developing curiosity and perseverance as well as challenging what we know about the world. We aim to make science as practical as possible, linking it to real life contexts and giving a meaning to our learning. We are gifted with space for growing fruit and vegetables, and the Pool River and surrounding wilderness very close by.


Children are encouraged to observe, question and investigate through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, rather than accept the facts unchallenged.

The National Curriculum separates the teaching of Science into several areas:

  • Working Scientifically (All year groups)
  • Animals, including humans  (All year groups)
  • Plants (Y1, Y2, Y3)
  • Everyday materials (Y1), Uses of everyday materials (Y2) and Properties and changes of materials (Y5)
  • Seasonal Changes (Y1)
  • Living things and their habitats (Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6)
  • Rocks (Y3)
  • Light (Y3, Y6)
  • Forces and magnets (Y3) Other Forces (Y5)
  • States of matter (Y4)
  • Sound (Y4)
  • Electricity (Y4, Y6)
  • Earth and space (Y5)
  • Evolution and inheritance (Y6)

When working scientifically, children investigate a range of processes, the nature and methods of science. They do this through a range of scientific skills including: observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and research using secondary resources. They learn how to plan investigations (varying only one factor at a time, ensuring it is a fair test); present their results (in tables and charts) and explain their findings. Encourage your child to look closely at things, ask questions and feed their own curiosity.


Explore the page to find some useful resources for Science Homework! 

Do try these at home!