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In Zodiac class the children are going to be working really hard every day and we'll endeavour to share with you all the learning that is happening in the classroom so please do not expect a mountain of work each week. The pupils do not need that.


Please have a weekly routine  - 

1) Read together as often as you can. That is times when the pupils read to you and times the pupils are read to.

2) Get exercise as a family.

3) Practice number bonds or number sequences or times tables.


In my house we have story time and in the car we practice some number songs. We know we are doing home learning with my son but he doesn't see it as work - be subtle.


Also, you can access the home learning grid from Zodiac Class below....


Alternatively, why not try accessing the integration class and see what they are doing?


Family Activities

Acts of Kindness - What can you do to be kind?