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Pluto Class Year One

Welcome to Pluto Class Page for 2019-2020.

Class Teacher: Mrs Hicks

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Howell

Teaching Assistant (lunchtime) Mrs Coxgray


I sent the following e mail to all of your e mail addresses this morning.  Please e mail me your new e mail addresses if you did not receive my message.  My contact e mail address is    Thanks.

Hello Children and your lovely adults.

I hope you are all ok and not missing school too much.  I am missing you all lots and lots and wish we were all together at school but we have to be at home for now and keep ourselves safe.

I have been planting some little seeds for our garden and am looking forward to putting them in the ground with you when I see you next.

I have been thinking about the songs we were learning and imagining I can hear you singing Percy Parker times tables and the Seasons song which we learnt from youtube and it makes me feel happy.  Why don't you sing the songs to your adults and I am sure that will make them feel happy too.

Please let me know what you have been doing since school closed down.  I would love it if you could e mail me back with your news and pictures of what you have been doing and I will answer you just as soon as I can.

I have put some ideas on our Pluto Class page for you to do if you want something to keep you busy.

Take care of yourselves  and be good for your adults and help them tidy up and keep your homes nice just like you do in the classroom.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Big Hugs

Mrs Hicks


Pluto class have had a great Spring Term so far and have really enjoyed our trip to the Natural History Museum last week where we learnt all about Mammals and other Animals.


For our Topic work we are focussing on 'Our Wonderful World' and finding out about animals and humans in our world.  We hope to plant some seeds at the end of term and ask that you try and do this at home with your children if you get the opportunity. 


Here are some activities you could do with your child to help with their knowledge of the world and their wellbeing:

Make a 'Wonderful world' collage using materials, objects from the countryside or garden, drawings and cut out pictures.

Ask your child to write a poem or list of all the things that are wonderful about this world and publish this on your social media page or frame it.

Get your child to draw a picture of the things that make them happy and keep this by their bed to remind them of what a lovely world they live in.

Show your child where they live on google earth and let them explore the world for themselves on this wonderful website.

Encourage your child to watch David Attenboroughs' Blue planet or other real life nature programmes on TV or YouTube.

Help your child to build a bug hotel or hedgehog home to keep the animals safe and warm.

Make some healthy snacks like fruit kebabs, vegetable kebabs, fruit salad, stews or stir frys with your child.

Use leaves to make the digits of numbers up to 10 and stick these up.

Talk to your child about your own childhood and things that went well or wrong and how you and your family dealt with them.

Show your child that when you cut up apples or oranges or pizza it can be shown as fractions such as halves and quarters.

Encourage your child to read the time at least to the nearest hour.

If you have access to a garden encourage your child to make a 'happy space' for them to go and sit and relax.

Encourage your child to do fun yoga and meditation to help them keep balanced and calm.

Activities relating to other school subjects:

Number Detectives

Learn about number bonds and try to remember them.


Can you tell 3 and what makes 10?

4+_= 10

Continue doing these kinds of questions as often as possible.  If your child has difficulties use counters or objects to show them how to make the number bonds.

See the websites below for further information.

Please continue to help your children with their phonics work as this is so important for their continued learning and future achievements.

Phonics Activities

Write 3 words with each of these sounds 

ck, ai, air, ar, ch, ear, ee, er, igh, ng, oa, oi, oo, or, ow, qu, sh, th, ur, ure, v, w, x, y, z

Now use your words to make sentences.

Please make use of your Bug Club access.

We sometimes use phonics play (see link below) and this website has access to Lesson Plans if you log in as a Teacher.

At this time they are offering a free service for parents aiming to help their children continuing their learning at home.

Also Teach Your Monster to  Read. You can use this for free on your laptop or pc.  There is currently a charge for the app on mobile phones.


Practice reading and spelling these tricky words.

you, are, they, was, come, said, have, come, little, were, there, what when, out, people, their, called, Mr, some, looked, asked, could

Now use some of these words in sentences.


Learn It Champions

Learn your doubles


Challenge yourself to remember all your doubles from 1 to 12.



Draw and find out the names of 3 different flowers (variety of common wild and garden plants).

Then find out some facts about them to share with your friends at school.

Story writing

Write your own story. You can use some parts of other stories to help you. Draw pictures for your story.


Write about some of the things that you did with your family at home. Take some pictures to show your friends.

Time tables Challenge

Learn your 2 and 5 times tables with Percy Parker!

 See if you can write out your 2 and 5 times tables like this.



Geography- What a wonderful world!

Make a model or a draw a globe and identify the seven continents.

Then identify Canada, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Jamaica, Spain, UK, France and India.


Art and Craft

Draw or paint a picture of your family and friends.


Make a picture or model of your choice.


Here are some activities that you can print out to do with your child while they are at home:



General Home Learning during school opening times:

In Year 1 children will be expected to read daily and write or draw about what they have read in their reading journal. Ideally your child’s input should be alongside comments from you at this stage of their learning.  Towards the end of this term they will also receive weekly spellings; these will be handed out on a Friday, and tested on the following Friday. Half-termly, children will also be given a project to complete based on their topic.


All children are expected to complete their homework and hand it in on time; please see the teacher if you have any questions or queries.


Planned Trips:

  • Local Parks and community areas
  • Hornimans Museum
  • Beckenham Place Park

Please could you let us know asap of your availability for trips as we always need parent support.



Our focus in Literacy this term will be:


  • Writing list, labels, letter, invitations, etc..
  • Writing simple sentences.
  • Identifying characters, settings and plots.
  • Use correct punctuation.
  • Forming some of our letters carefully.


  • Using our focus text ‘Jake’s First Day’ we will be analysing how different characters feel and respond to their environment.


Grammar, Phonics and Spelling

We will be starting to focus on Phonics to prepare the children for the phonics screening in June 2019. 


Towards the end of the term the children will also have a list of spellings that they will need to know by the end of the year and we will be sending lists home each Friday for them to learn ready for short tests on the following Friday.  We will also be thinking about how we can extend our sentences.



We are continuing to use the Big Maths program which the children have loved, including daily CLIC sessions.

Big Maths is an interactive framework which allows the children to engage with activities at school, and at home. We will be supporting the learning of mental maths skills, particularly counting in 2’s, identifying number bonds and ordering numbers. Please support your child with their counting skills as this will be this term’s focus.

We will assess each child throughout the term to see where they are and what they need to do to reach their full potential in Mathematics.


PSHE – The children will be encouraged to explore their feelings and learn about keeping safe.

P.E –Exercise and Ball games.

 Children will also have a swimming lesson each week.


The Arts

Drama will be integrated into our topic work. 

Art and D.T –Making our own items from recycled materials. The children will also learn how to use the art equipment and further explore mixing colors.

Music – instrument/sing up/singing