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Ulysses Class

Welcome to Ulysses Class!


Ulysses class is one of our Year Five classes, they are taught by Ms Hamilton. 

Children in Ulysses class will also be supported by Mr Warrington.

Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Ulysses Class Work

Our Visit From the Zoo Workshop

Some Children even held him!
Mano and William with a Giant Millipede.

Our Trip to Deptford Creek

Learning about high tide and low tide.
Ulysses class learning about Peter the Great.
Pond dipping.

Ulysses Fairy Tale Workshop (Book Week)

A Freeze frame from Rapunzel.
A Freeze frame from Rapunzel.
A Freeze frame from Rapunzel.

Ulysses at Sedgehill

Megan, Aiden and Kenisha performing their story!
Megan, Abiir and Pippa getting ready to dance!

Ulysses Boat Experiment

Mano and Ashton
Can you see how it's streamlined?
Everyone excited about the race!