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We're All Wonders - Words On Screen, Music & EFX

Questions for 'We're All Wonders'


What does ordinary mean?


He has a dog, what does the dog think of him?


How do others show that they don’t appreciate him?


Explain how he deals with the rejection/bullying?


What does he realise on arrival at Pluto?


What does he suggest people do?

Reading Tracker -complete one of these each day

Remember, you can use the Epic Books website to help you with your reading activities.

Design a Potato competition

Masked Reader Competition

There will be prizes for the winner in each class.





Explain why Christians belief that Jesus is both Human and Divine?



Please choose 1.


Create a book about the Holy Trinity - use words and pictures.

More Challenging: 

Create a booklet to explain what you understand about the Holy Trinity

Most Challenging:

Write a report about the Holy Trinity with:

             Introduction: What your report will be about; what Trinity means

             Paragraph 1 : Where and when was the idea of the Holy Trinity created

             Paragraph 2: Draw and label what the idea of the Holy Trinity looks like

             Paragraph3: What do you think about the concept of the Holy Trinity

             Conclusion: A short sentence about why Christians believe the Trinity is important