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Global Links

Hey Global Links Group!


Would you like to contact the One Way School pupils?


Like you, the pupils in Harare are also not able to attend school. But, many of them cannot access the internet unless it is through their parents phone. This means the teachers have been sending work through WhatsApp for their home learning - pretty tricky. They are finding it hard.


Would you like to create a picture or write a letter and email it to me so that I can send it to the children to encourage them? If I receive enough pictures or letters then I could even create a video of our work to send to them? I know how much you all care for other people. Sending some kindness at a time like this would just be AMAZING!


Miss you ALL, Love Mr Sangwine x

A song sung in Shona

Still image for this video
This song is an anthem of hope that the pupils learnt as part of their heritage studies lessons. It is a song that teaches them that in Zimbabwe they have everything they need to survive.

We wish our pupils to have a sound knowledge of the rest of the world.

To enhance our pupils' knowledge and understanding of how children in other parts of the world live and learn we are partnered with One Way School in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We will have opportunities to teach the Zimbabwean pupils about our home in London, England and learn about the similarities and differences in our lives by sending and receieving letters, emails, pictures, videos and other pieces of work.

Additionally, we will have teachers from One Way School coming to Athelney to teach us about Zimbabwe, their language and culture as well as opportunities for each class to partner with a class in Harare.

"We are so excited to learn more about London from the pupils at Athelney and share about our unique and wonderful school in Harare. What an awesome partnership!"

Onias Kamoto, Head of School, One Way School.