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Look Up by Nathan Bryon

Get into the character of Rocket and write a diary entry from her point of view leading up to the night of the meteor shower. 

You can include:

some of the facts mentioned in the book  

that you have made a flyer/leaflet telling everyone about the shower

your excitement and wanting everyone else to watch too 


Remember to use: past tense, a recount of what's happened in the story so far and an exclamation mark to show your excitement.

P.E with Joe

Today is our PE day. Join in with Joe at home to take part in PE.

After, why not practise your throwing and catching that we have learnt with someone at home. You could practise over arm, under arm and chest passes. If you don't have a ball, why not roll up a jumper and use that instead.

Kiet's knockout work

Aidan's awe-inspiring work