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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Meet our Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Wong
Head of School: Mrs Dummer
Federation Deputy Head: Mr Potts
Deputy Head: Mr Simms
Assistant Head: Ms Williams
Key Stage Two Phase Leader: Ms Redshaw
EYFS and Key Stage One Phase Leader: Ms Jones

Meet our Teachers

Nursery Teacher Mrs McAuliffe
Nursery Teacher Mrs Brannan
Reception Miss Harwood
Reception teacher Miss Hedington
Year One teacher Ms Davies
Year One Ms Hicks
Year Two Ms Clarke
Year Two Mrs McNally
Year Three Mrs McFarlane
Year Three Teacher Miss McMahon
Year Four Mrs Wongdies-Payne
Year Four Miss Martin
Year Four Mr Latheron
Year Five Mrs Coote
Year Five Ms Humphrey
Year Six Miss Owen
Zodiac and Sky Lead Teacher Mr Sangwine
Zodiac and Sky Lead Teacher Mr Mace
Planning and Preparation Teacher Mr Burbage
Planning and Preparation Teacher Mrs Hall
Swimming and Football Coach Mr Owen