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Athelney Primary School

Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Wong

Head of School: Mrs Dummer

Federation Deputy Headteacher: Mr Potts

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Simms

Assistant Headteacher: Ms Williams

Key Stage One and Early Years Leader: Ms Jones

Year 3 & 4 Pastoral Lead: Miss McMahon

Year 5 & 6 Pastoral Lead: Miss Townsend


Meet Our Teachers

Resource Base EYFS & KS1 – Sky: Mr Mace & Mrs Sangwine

Resources Base KS2 – Zodiac: Mr Sangwine

Nursery Teacher: Mrs McAuliffe

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Brannan

Reception - Moon Class: Miss Heddington

Reception – Star: Miss Harwood

Year One – Neptune: Ms Davies

Year One – Pluto: Ms Anumah

Year Two – Uranus: Mrs McNally

Year Two – Saturn: Miss Singh

Year Three – Mars: Ms Clarke

Year Three – Jupiter: Mrs McFarlane

Year Four – Earth: Miss Martin

Year Four – Venus: Miss McMahon

Year Five – Sun: Ms Townsend

Year Five – Mercury: Mrs Yuill

Year Six – Voyager: Mrs Rhys-Davis

Year Six – Apollo: Mrs Coote

Year Six – Soyuz: Mrs Pema

PPA Teacher: Mrs Williams

PPA Teacher: Mrs Hall

PPA Teacher: Miss Elin

Sports Coach: Mr Owen


Support Staff 

Mrs Acton - Year Two

Miss Adeyemi - Year Six

Miss Arinaitwe - Reception & Year One

Mrs Chamber - Year Five

Mrs Cole - 

Mrs Cox-Gray - Year One & Three

Miss Corft - Year One

Miss Ebri - Reception

Ms Fearon - Year Five

Miss Gibbs - Year Six

Mrs Howell - Year One

Mrs Leach - Key Stage One & Two

Ms Magil - Key Stage One & Two

Miss Marden - Year Four

Ms Martin Oquendo - Reception

Miss Parker - Year Three

Miss Parker - Year Five

Mrs Partridge - Year One

Miss Simpson - Reception

Miss Simpson - Year Two

Mrs Sortino - Year Five & Six

Mrs Sweeney - Nursery

Miss Thompson - Year Five

Mr Welch - Year Three


Resource Base Support Staff

Mr Hanson

Ms Harriot

Ms Ibrahim

Miss Linton

Mrs Miller

Miss Pitter

Miss Shippey

Mrs Svilenov

Miss Tucker


Admin Staff

Ms Ahern - Federation Business Manager 

Mrs Jones - Federation Personnel and Admissions Officer 

Mrs Ali - Federation Finance Officer 

Mrs Samuels - Admissions, Attendance and Dinners Officer 

Ms Hayes - Receptionist 


Premises Staff

Mr Lancashire - Federation Facility Manager