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Wk. beginning 18.1.21

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Afternoon Lessons


Review last week's learning:

Why are Rangoli patterns important?

a. They are colourful

b.To bring good luck and encourage strength and generosity

c. They are fantastic decorations in festivals.


Today, your aim is to find out where people who follow the Hindu faith live (watch the video below). Use one of the World Maps above to identify the countries.


Complete one of the following:

A. Create an image as if it were a photo of a place in one of the countries from the video below. Then write 2 sentences about your image ,include some of the information you learned.

B. Create an image of one of the places mentioned in the video. Write a summary of one of the countries.

C. Create an image as as if it were a photo of a place in one of the countries then give reasons why you may want to travel there after the pandemic.

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