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Wednesday 20th January

Literacy: Learn the features of a newspaper article

Read or listen to chapter 15.

Watch the video then find and label the features on an actual newspaper.


Click to hear Chapter 15

Creating a News Report

This video is about Creating a News Report

24 hour clock slides



24 hour clock 

The rule is, for PM, add 12 hours. for AM put 0 in front of the hours up to 10 


3.42pm = 15.42 and 3.42am = 03.42

Click the image below for a slider: 

Read the attached document and see if you can convert these times to the 24 hour clock: 

A) 1.25 PM

B) 1.23 AM                      Challenge: Can you use AM and PM to convert these back? 

C) 4.15 PM                  Rule - if the hour is 13+ then it will be a PM time (subtract 12!)                

D) 7.33 PM                        F) 15.49                      G) 20.33                   H) 21.14

E) 7.52 AM                                I)     06.15                              J) 11.21


More Challenge questions here and attached below! 

Topic- Science

Classifying Living Things


Follow the link to find out a little bit more about classification

Have a go at the 'Guess the living thing' game