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Gemini Class Year Three

29th June 2020


Dear Gemini children and families,


It was lovely to speak to some of you last week - I'll continue calling from Wednesday onwards. 


As far as I am concerned, there isn't much new to report in my house, except that my daughters are getting very fed up with each other. We have made friends (distanced!) with our neighbour who has let us walk her lovely dog, which was very exciting!


A few of you will receive some homework in the post so please send me what you have managed to do.


Kind regards,


Ms Wongdies 



Dear Gemini, 


I hope you're all well! I have been receiving fewer messages and I would love to hear from more of you all the time.


I am back in school some of the time and have been able to see some of you, other than that, many things stay the same.


Kind regards,


Ms Wongdies. 




Welcome to June! 


I can't believe it's already June. This situation has continued for so much longer than I imagined at the beginning. Keep your eyes and ears open for any changes that might happen regarding coming back to school.


For the rest of the term there is a slight change to the home learning you're getting - click on the link above and you will see the assignments for the first three weeks of the half term. 


I haven't had so much work sent to me lately, so keep up the messages and the brilliant homework you've been doing! I wanted to say a big well done to Tiffany for her Big Maths Certificates! 


Try out this new online reading resource - Epic Books:

To login, you need our class email address and the password is the name of our school (without a capital) 


Missing you all,


Ms Wongdies

Happy Half Term Gemini

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Good morning, lovely Gemini!


How are you all? It was great to speak to most of you or your families last week - if I didn't reach you, I'll be trying again.

Here are our strawberries, looking very healthy indeed! I did eat a strawberry, knowing that they might go bad if noone picks them. If you're in school, ask the teacher you're with if you can go round and eat one! 





I got quite excited when planning your Science home learning this week as it was about different types of rock. Now while that might not sound exciting, when you learn about it, it really is! Did you know that if you head deep, deep underground, the temperature gets so high that the rock melts? That hot, glowing, melty rock is called magma and is what gets squirted out of volcanoes. That's just one way that new rock is made. So COOL. 







Well in my house, we have had a bit more of a stressful time this week - we  have only a small space, and we're all on top of each other so we have had to try extra hard (me included!) to think before we speak and remember how important kindness is. However we have been baking a LOT!!!  We made bread, cheese scones and then I tried cinnamon rolls - which were quite tricky! 










Don't forget to have a look at the stay-at home sports day, if you haven't already - and send through the pictures of you taking part.


I have *loved* seeing you accessing Big Maths - click on the Tiger below to see the certificates from this week - congratulations to all of you who had a go and who beat your previous scores!


It is always lovely to get your messages - even if you don't attach pictures of your work, you can still write to me and I will reply. It's so important to me to know that you're doing ok. heart


My kids and I spend a lot of time in the River View Walk and the Linear Park - we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep! There are so many beautiful flowers and animals to spot on the river at the moment - the ducklings are adorable, and there are also kingfishers, herons and woodpeckers in the big trees. 


Take care - hope to hear from you soon  


Kind regards,


Ms W

Home Learning Showcase Week 4

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Contact email for Gemini Class :)

Please feel free to contact me at this email address with queries / to share work. Make sure you write *your* email into the 'email' section so that I can reply to you! I look forward to hearing from you!

Year 3 Showcase 4th May 2020

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Year 3 Showcase 27th April 2020

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Year 3 Showcase

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Dear Gemini - welcome to the summer term! 


I am so sad that we can't be together - I really miss you all. I have so enjoyed reading your emails and messages and seeing the work you have been doing. Keep sending it in! 


BBC bitesize launched a home learning scheme this week - see below for the link - it's good!


At home, my children and I are working hard to grow vegetables into seedlings which can be planted out in the Athelney veg garden when I am next in school. 


Mr Sangwine has put together this week's suggested tasks in the document below (he will be teaching in Jupiter class when we go back to normal school hours!) and please do try to keep up some form of study / learning while you're at home. 


Please contact me with any questions or if you need a log-in - make sure you send any emails to the address above and if you use the contact form below, add your own / mum's /dad's email there so that I can reply.


Poppy - I emailed your mum with the TTR info but I can see it might not have got to you - try again :) 



Dear Gemini -

How are you? We are ok and settling into another week of home-learning. My children are beginning to find it difficult and in my house we have had lots of tears and struggles, but we are all well and safe. 


This week we will be hearing about Athelney's response to the Prime Minister's speech on Sunday evening - everyone's safety will be the number one concern. While we are all fed up about being at home, we know it is still the safest place to be for our health. I wish things were different! 


75 Years ago, the UK was celebrating VE day, and below you can find some interesting info and activities all about what it was, and some activities to do. 


I am still missing you all terribly and hope that you're all healthy and finding enough things to do. I will be calling this week to give you your Big Maths info and find out how you're doing. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures of their home learning or messages about how you're feeling. It's always lovely to hear from you and see what you have been doing. If you haven't sent me any pictures or messages yet, why not start today? It will put a huge smile on my face!


Stay safe, and I look forward to speaking to you all soon.


Huge smiles,


Ms Wongdies 



Dear Gemini,     4.5.2020


Hopefully all of you will have received an email sent with this week's home learning attached - I will also attach it here. Below you still have many links where you can find links to many different areas of learning. 


If you need the work on paper, there is a paper pack with you can collect from the office.


I am really missing you now the lockdown is getting longer - I always love receiving your messages and homework so please keep sending them - as often as you like.


Our School garden is coming along and the tomato plants we grew are in the ground! 


I look forward to hearing from you all this week. 


Kind regards,


Ms W





Dearest Gemini students,

I hope you are well and that you had a lovely Easter if you celebrate it. 

Thank you so much to the children who are writing to me and sending me pictures of the work they have done - I'm hoping to hear from the rest of you soon! 

In our home, we have been staying at home the whole time apart from popping out to do some exercise here and there. 

Stay safe, and please do enjoy your break. 

Kind regards,

Ms W


Dearest Gemini students,laugh

It has been really good to speak to many of you this week - I miss you all and hope that you're well. 


Please have a look through the new Gemini pages because I have been adding lots of content. As always, remember to read a little every day and practise your TTRockstars. 

There are also some workbooks to print off and complete on here now. Hopefully the links are easy to follow, but any problems, write to me! I will add some content soon for Egyptians and the Stone Age / Rocks and Soils which were meant to be our Summer 1 topics. 


Remember to email me pictures of all your project work and I will add it to the pictures page - well done Isobella for submitting a rocket design for her Space project. 


TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES and keep in touch.


Kind regards,

Ms Wsmiley


Dearest Gemini students,


I have a new email account which is set up for you to use if you need any help with ideas for activities, logins for websites, or to share what you have been up to: the email address is


I really miss being with you all in school every day. I am hoping that all of you are feeling healthy and strong. At this time, my family and I all feel well and we are entertaining ourselves by carrying out an octopus project (my children chose this theme!) and jumping on the trampoline in the garden a lot.

We are still not sure how long we will be kept at home and I will add some suggestions regularly in line with our curriculum, and literacy and maths resources especially.


That's it for now...! 

I am posting some useful links and videos below as well! 

Kind regards, 

Ms Wongdies 

Welcome to Gemini Class!

Teaching staff:

Ms Wongdies

Ms Fearon


Important Information:

Spring 1:



Please try to spend some time each day reading.  

Gemini class will send home an activity pack with the children who remain in school on Friday with suggestions for activities. 

Our class texts are:

The Green Ship, Quentin Blake


Horrid Henry Francesca Simon

Our topic is Ancient Egypt.

In RE we are studying Hinduism 

PE is on Thursdays

Gemini Class have no Swimming this term



Reading Journals:

Children should record their reading in their journals daily if possible. Please send the reading journal to school every day as children have the opportunity to fill them during registration.There is a new reward system for consistent reading at Athelney.



There is spelling and maths homework in the back of your child's reading journal.

Homework will be taken in and checked on Thursdays. Each half term we send some optional homework projects home.