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Tues 2nd February

Literacy Focus: Recall events of the text

Today you'll find the final skill by Reading Chapter 31 and 32. We want to make sure you have learnt the Way of Jalal along with Varjak Paw. Create a poster showing all the 7 skills in the Way of Jalal: 

  1. Open Mind
  2. Awareness
  3. Hunting
  4. Slow-Time
  5. Moving Circles
  6. Shadow-Walking
  7. Trusting Yourself

Click to Listen to Chapters 31 and 32

Skip to 0:12 as the audio starts after 12 seconds.

Maths - fractions

Equivalent Fractions


Click below



Topic- Art

Today you will be drawing a motion picture of a memorable scene in chapter 12.

You will be drawing the moment Varjak is faced head on with the 'roaring beasts' which we now know were cars speeding towards him. 


Read the text below to help get a description of the cars.