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Success for today; prepared for tomorrow. Nothing is beyond our reach.

Uranus Class Year Two

Welcome to Uranus class.

Teacher: Mrs McNally.

Teaching assistant: Mrs Acton.

Key phase leader: Ms Jones.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have reached the final half term. It has been a lovely year.


We have a trip planned during this half term:Beach 10th July


Please find useful information below.  If you have any questions please contact me at the following email:

Kind regards,

Mrs McNally.




Party Day.

We all had a really fun day. We started with a walk to the park and enjoyed the playground. When we returned to school we had a water balloon game. Back in class we enjoyed party games such as musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. We ended the day with yummy party food. Thank you to all that contributed to our party.

Westbrook Bay.


Your child will take home a math homework sheet every Friday. The work will be based on what your child has been learning that week. Please support your child with this and return it to school by the following Wednesday. 

Please return by Wednesday 12th July

Spelling Test on Friday 14th July

Neurodiversity week.

This week we shared my passion which is reading. The children enjoyed relaxing whilst sharing my passion. They all found a comfortable space and enjoyed one of their favourite books.

Leeds castle.

The children all behaved impeccably. After arriving on the minibus, we jumped onto a train-truck that took us to our drama session. All the children dressed up and were part of the story titled The Swan Princess. Some of the acting was so impressive. We then enjoyed lunch together before venturing through the maze. To exit the maze we bravely stepped through the Ghetto (it was like a dark cave). We then walked around the moat and entered the castle. A lovely day was had by all:)

Book week - Potatoes

Park trip.

We all had a lovely time at the park. We enjoyed the sunshine and the company of each other. As usual, the children all behaved beautifully.

Theatre trip.

We had a lovely time at the theatre. The children's behaviour on the train, walking through the streets and in the theatre was impeccable. Well done Uranus class, I am so proud of you.


We will have PE every Wednesday

Please send your child to school in their PE kits on PE day.

The correct PE kit is as follows:

Black (or Dark grey or Navy) shorts, joggers or leggings- PLAIN no logo

White or Purple T-shirt- PLAIN no logos

Trainers (ANY colour as long as they are suitable for playground/gym use)




We will swim every Thursday. Please send your child to school with the following kit:

Swimming costume or trunks.

Swimming hat.


Goggles are optional.

The children are now amazing at working collaboratively during our science experiments. They built houses using a variety of materials. Their strength was tested by placing them in front of our large fan. Amazingly, even the paper house did not fall down. Well done Uranus class :)

We all wrote a letter to Santa today, Friday 2nd December.


Today (Wednesday 30th November) we were budding artists. We sat outside and created our own landscape of our school based on the work of John Constable. On completion we went back to class and used oil pastels to bring our drawings to life.


We had a lot of fun today (Monday 28th November).

We designed, created and tested our own marble runs.

Children in need. Thank you for your contributions.

Odd Socks. Thank you for supporting anti-bullying day.


 21.11.2022. We made our own boat and then chose a material to cover it, to test if it was waterproof. We chose from tin foil, clingfilm, masking tape and wax crayons. Most of us predicted that the tin foil and wax crayons would be waterproof. We were correct :)

London Fire Brigade

We had a special visitor on Thursday 10th November. An education officer from the London Fire Brigade come into school to talk to the children about fire safety. Children learnt the importance of being safe and what steps they could take if they were ever in an emergency situation. Children were shown what immediate action they could take if they were ever caught in a fire, including calling 999 and shouting out for help. Escape routes were discussed. The children looked at the different equipment the London Fire Brigade use in emergency situations and the uniform all staff must wear to protect themselves.




On the first day back at school, after the half term break.

Your little angels look very scary.

Here is the information given at the parents meeting. 19th October 2022


Please read with your child daily. A level reading book will be sent home every Monday and Thursday. Your child can also choose to take a picture story book home to share with you if they wish. We want to promote a love of reading. Please sign the reading record at least 3 times a week. Feel free to comment on their reading. 

Our classroom


Practice your multiplication tables with the following songs:

Multiply by 2

10 Times Table

5 Times Tables

3 Times Table Song - Numberjacks

Number bonds to 10

Let's all do the 10 dance (number bonds to 10 song)

Here are some videos to help with your reading and writing:

How To Read With Your Child

English Letter Formation | Lower Case

Letter Sounds