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Uranus Class Year Two

Welcome to Uranus class

Teacher: Mrs McNally

LSA's: Miss Simpson

      Mrs Acton

You can contact me at this address:


Please note that our PE sessions are on Monday and Wednesday

Please wear the following kit on these days:

Trainers or plimsoles

Plain black joggers (or shorts, depending on the weather)

Plain white or purple t-shirt

School jumper


PE - Mirror movements


Reading - Please encourage your child to read every day for 15 minutes. Sign their reading record at least 3 times a week. Ask your child to draw their favourite part of the story and write about it.

Spellings - Every Monday your child will receive a spelling list. Please support your child with learning them in preparation for a spelling test on Friday.

Maths - Every Friday your child will receive a maths sheet to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday. The work will be based on what we have been learning that week.

Comprehension - During this final half term, your child will receive a comprehension sheet every Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Spelling test on Friday 2nd July 2021

Drama Workshop - Under the Sea

Topic information for this term.

During June and July we will be learning the following:

 Literacy: exciting texts to enable your child to write stories and poems with the correct punctuation. Use of adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Use of suffixes, commas and apostrophes.

 Maths: All operation calculations, 3D shapes, measurement and reasoning.

 Science: Plants.

 Geography: Physical and human features of our planet.

 Art and DT: Printing and sewing.

 PE: Gymnastics.

 RE: Weddings and sharing food.

 PSHE: Medicines.

 Spanish: Comparisons between England and Spain.

 Music: Following and creating a rhythm.

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Fun activities can be found on these sites:


Safer Internet:

Watch the video to help you stay safe online.


Videos to support your learning.

Hip-Hop Around the Clock | "Quarter-After" "Half-Past" "Quarter-Till" | Telling Time | Jack Hartmann

Telling Time Song for Kids | Telling Time to 5 Minutes

Seven Continents Song

Natural And Man Made Things | Environmental Studies For Kids | Grade 3 | Vid #1

Natural things are physical features of our planet.
Man-made things are human features of our planet.

Learning to Write Numbers 1-10

Let's get started learning to write numbers 1-10 in this fun handwriting numbers video for kids. It's simple learning how to write 1 to 10 for kids of all ages. Lots of children write numbers the wrong way round but with practise you will soon write all the numbers correctly. Enjoy :)


Practise your multiplication tables with the following songs:


5 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)


3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Cursive Handwriting - How to Write the Alphabet - With Instructions

This video demonstrates and explains how to write every letter in the alphabet using the cursive style. Cursive handwriting can be tricky at first but keep practising.

Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds

Phase 3 Phonics Vowel Digraphs and Trigraphs| ai, ee, igh, oa

Phase 4 Phonics Consonant Blends | st Initial Consonant Blend

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs oy ir ue aw | Learn to Blend