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Monday 8th February

Literacy Focus: investigate a character

We're planning to write the story from Cludge's point of view. Today, you need to decide where he came from. This is called an Origin Story. It's okay to have a few different ideas about his origins but you will choose your favourite one tomorrow. Here's some questions you can answer?

  • How old is he?
  • How long has he been on the street?
  • Did he ever have friends?
  • Was he a pet?
  • Did he ever have a job? Was he ever a guard dog?
  • Did his mum and dad ever give him some advice?
  • Has he travelled far?
  • How do people react when they see him?
  • Are there any other animals who like him?
  • Was he ever happy?

Task: Draw a picture of the enormous, friendly dog and put your ideas around him. 

Maths - 2D shape 


Geometry and 2D shape

Angles recap! 

Oak Academy takes you through the types of angle and how to recognise them. 

Task sheets for today

Topic- RE Buddhism 

Today you will be learning about 8 important Buddhist symbols and creating your own game. 

Use these worksheets to help with your learning and your game.