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Wednesday 3rd February

Today is WELL-BEING' Wednesday! 


To mark this day, we will be going SCREEN FREE for a day!


This means no: TV, phones, ipads, tablets, computers, laptops etc.


Instead, think of other things you can do to occupy your time and not get bored. Why not: 


  • Make a timetable for your day filled with lots of 'screen-free' activities
  • Make a collage using leaves collected from outside
  • Bake/cook something 
  • Read some books and then act them out 
  • Draw/paint 
  • Make a model using recycled materials
  • Deep clean your room, sort your toys and clothes; is there anything that doesn't fit you any more or anything you do not play with? Put them in a bag and sell them or take them to the charity shop. 
  • Go for a walk in the woods
  • Walk to the top of a hill and draw picture of the skyline
  • Write and illustrate your own book
  • Design a superhero and make a comic with your hero in it
  • Go for a bike ride about Catford or even the around the perimeter of Lewisham Borough


These are just some suggestions, there are so many things you can do instead of watching/playing on a screen. Maybe you could make a list of your own SCREEN-FREE activities.


At the end of the day think about how you feel, do you feel different after having a day away from the screen?