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Thursday 7th January 2020


Literacy Focus: Answer comprehension questions

Read or listen to Chapter 3.

Complete the Big Picture questions in your Reading Journals.

Resources: Test questions, reading journal/lined paper, pencil.

Read Varjak - Chapter 3 - and do the test.

Listen to Chapter 3



Click on the picture of Mully to find all the CLIC revision packs which will help your child prepare for their CLICs tomorrow and every Friday. 

In school, we fill out the paper forms every week for their CLIC and tomorrow your child will do so online. The CLIC revision pack your child needs matches the number of the CLIC they do every week - if your child can't remember, their teacher will be happy to look up that information and email it to you. 


How to use the CLIC revision packs (demo video below):  

Once you know the number, you can look through the pack online with your child. It's huge, but don't worry! There are 10 questions in the CLIC and 10 sections to the revision pack - one section for each CLIC question.

Choose a section with your child -

Within each section there is:

  • an explanation of the method
  • a repetitive drill sheet
  • a set of questions for using the skills in context.

Your child can answer the questions on paper. You can help your child to work through the section, unlike with the CLIC assessments they do on Fridays. 



What is Buddhism? 

We would like you to become Buddhism agents and find out as much as you can about how the religion began. 

Use the helpful links below including videos and a quiz at the end to test your knowledge!

Don't forget to spend 30 minutes on Timestable Rockstars!

How to use CLIC revision packs

Still image for this video

Section two of The Origin of Species - Sabina Radeva

Hi Year 4!