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Look Up by Nathan Bryon

At the beginning of the story, it says that Rocket looks up every night and wishes upon a star, have a think about what you would wish for and explain why you would make that wish.


Think of a wish for every day of the week with an explanation to go with your wish, for example: On Monday, I would wish for my very own aeroplane. The reason why I would wish for my very own plane is so that I can use it to travel around and visit the spectacular Seven Wonders of the World. I would also use it to take my family and friends on holidays whenever we wanted, for a fraction of the price!


Remember to include: 

  • capitals and full stops
  • commas for fronted adverbials
  • commas in a list
  • conjunctions to extend you sentences (but because if so when and although etc
  • new paragraph for each new day


If you don't have any paper at home, you can use a computer and type it. 

Please send completed work to me when you have finished using the email address so I can read your lovely wishes and post some for everyone else to see too! :-)