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Science investigation - how sound travels

PSHE Week 2 - Today we learnt about the changes that happen in our bodies from a child to an adult. We used a Venn diagram to sort changes that happen to males and females.

PSHE - Different stages of a human's life. We sequenced the different stages and wrote how we'd recognise the stage

Make a model Aqueduct Project

To consolidate our learning about the digestive system and teeth, we made a model of a mouth using marshmallows! Although they make great model teeth, they wouldn't be very useful as real teeth.

In Science, we've been learning about the digestive system and had go at replicating this using a variety of household objects.


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For RE, we are learning about different Christian places of worship. To support and consolidate our learning, we visited a local Anglican church called St. Dunstan's on Bellingham Green where we met Father David who answered all our questions.

In Science today, we were observing water in its different states and investigated what happened to each of these when a force is applied.

What a DELICIOUS literacy lesson we had today; we were learning to analyse and describe the taste of a variety of chocolates, mmmmmmm.

In Science today (11.11.21), we investigated gases. We posed the question: Do Gases Weigh Anything? 

We conducted an investigation to test this using fizzy carbonated drinks. Here's an investigation you could do at home to see if air has a weight.  

In Literacy today (11.11.21), we created freeze frames in the role of character's from the story Leon and the Place Between. We also used questions and statements in aa conversation between the characters

Autumn 2 Curriculum Information

PHSE - Thinking about why people choose to avoid certain foods.