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Tuesday 12th January 2020

Literacy Focus: Speech Punctuation

Read Chapter 5 and 6 before this lesson. 

Today, we're building on your learning about speech marks. Pretend you are a book editor at Corgi Books and it's your job to correct mistakes with speech. Open the task below and remember - start new lines for new speakers!

Listen to Chapter 5

Listen to Chapter 6

Watch Mr Latheron's lesson

Still image for this video

Maths - measures  

Revising mass and reading different scales. 


Revise what a kilogram is:


Challenge - reading different scale intervals 

The Oak Academy teachers always invite you to share your work with them, but we would also like you to share your work with us via our class emails - you can take photos and forward them!






Don't forget to spend 30 minutes on Timestable Rockstars!

Let's get baking!

Your task is to carefully follow instructions to make your own biscuits at home. 

You must ​​​​​​​have an adult present at all times and don't forget to email your teacher a picture of your delicious work!