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Meet the Team

We asked the Resource Base Team why they want to work here.

This is what they said;

Mr Sangwine: "Because I get to see the pupils develop over a number of years".

Mrs Miller: "Because everyone in the RB is an awesome individual"

Mr Mace: "Because I enjoy helping young people reach their potential and shine like the superstars they are!"

Mrs Sangwine: "Because I get to teach to each individual and be creative teaching to my pupils' special interests."

Miss Shippey: "Because I see the brilliance in all our pupils"

Miss Olivia: "Because each young person and staff member in the RB is different and that uniqueness makes the most AWESOME team"

Ms Tucker: "Because our pupils are just FANTASTIC"

Miss Julia: " Because I get to support with the holistic development of our wonderful children and work alongside a highly talented team"

Miss Linton: "Because I love to see the development and confidence grow in the pupils and I work alongside a fantastic, strong team."

Miss Amse: "Because I love seeing how our children develop over the year and I get to work alongside a fantastic team"

In the Resource Base we teach around pupils special interests but our team also have fun hobbies too. Read about them here:


The Teams Special Interests:

Mr Sangwine loves running and Queens Park Rangers.

Mrs Sangwine loves travelling, learning about different cultures and eating foods from different places.

Mr Mace likes gardening, cycling and having fun with family and friends.

Mrs Miller loves arts and crafts, reading and spending time with her lovely family.

Miss Shippey loves Pizza! (As you can see below)

Ms Tucker loves reading and eating food.

Miss Olivia loves cycle touring, climbing and reading.

Miss Julia loves painting, nature, animals and yoga.

Miss Linton loves sports, dancing, fitness and Chelsea football club.

Miss Amse loves travelling, reading and cooking with her man!