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Thursday 7th of January

The TRUE story of the 3 little pigs by A.Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka. Grandma Annii's Story Time

The wolf is trying to set the story straight of how he came to be 'big and bad'. It's the story of the 3 little pigs from the perspective of Alexander T. Wol...



A.Wolf believes he is the victim of the story. Can you make a wanted poster of the little pig.


Make sure to use BOLD and big lettering so people can easily see it.


Your poster must include-

●     Name

●     Picture

●     Description (eye/hair colour etc)

●     Where they were last seen

●     What crime they are wanted for

●     Reward



It’s up to you how you wish to create your wanted poster. You can either draw your own poster or use a template/create your own using the computer.  Then submit so they can be shown on our class page.



Use these spelling mnemonics to help you learn the spellings in the Year 3/4 list


calendar - you need 'a' calendar to help your remember important dates.

caught - cat always use great heavy toilets

centre (re not er because we're not American!)

century - 'cent' means 100, a century is 100 years

certain - I'm certain there's a 'c' in certain N.B a soft c because the letter i,e or y follows the c

circle - I'm certain there's a 'c' in circle





Now use the words in your own sentences. 

Have a look at this style of art created and inspired by Andy Goldsworthy using raw materials

Your Task is: To design and complete a piece of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


oYou are going to use materials that you can find outside

oYou can layout your art on whatever you want : paper, grass, bark, leaves, mud, stones, sand – any raw materials you can find.

oSend a picture via the class page once your art work is complete.

P.E with Joe

Day three of my 9am daily workouts