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Autism Awareness

At Athelney Primary School we celebrated Autism Awareness Week. Every class attended a special assembly and each class completed a task.

Year 1 and 2 completed communication friendly classroom posters.

Year 3 have made Autism fact files

Year 4 have published help guides for other schools

Year 5 wrote to RH Ellie Reeves our local MP stating why they believed Autism was so important

Year 6 wrote diary entries putting themselves in the shoes of an Autistic person.


Please see our gallery and video to see what we did and scroll down to hear what the pupils had to say...

Slides for our whole school assembly

AAW Whole School

Still image for this video



"I learned that pupils with autism might find noisy classrooms hard so we need to use inside voices" Year 3 pupil.


"I learned that some of my friends have autism but I never even knew" a year 5 pupil.


"I was happy that my teachers shared about autism because it means I didn't have to" an autistic pupil.


"I enjoyed my lessons because we were celebrating difference and that is so important" a year 6 pupil.


"I found these lessons hard because I know how much I take for granted" a year 5 pupil


"I hope everyone in my class gives me the time to answer because sometimes it just takes time for me to answer but I know the answer" a year 4 pupil.