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Give Racism the Red Card Day October 2021

Spring Term in year 1 (displays)

Fellowship Inn Parade

Year 4 Pizza Party

Black History Month October 2017

Harvest Assembly - Donations to the Food Bank

Road Safety Shows

Year 6 Home Journey - October 2017

School Journey to Swanage - October 2017

Arethusa 2016

Athelney's Big Day Out 2015

Athelney's Dance group

Mrs Snelgrove's dance group had the exciting opportunity of performing a dance at the Broadway theatre in Catford. The song was titled Memory Lane for the memory of the Year 6s who will be leaving us this year. The dance combined two pieces: One of Monsters and the other of street dance using the song 'Antenna'. 


When the Year 6 children were in Year 3 with Mrs Snelgrove they worked on a Monster dance. When she then taught the other class in Year 4, the Antenna dance was created. Combined, the whole piece was created to incorporate both dances, with some amendments. The children loved performing both at the theatre and at school. Below are some photos of their hard work, dedication and attitude. Well done girls!

Sport relief 2016

Voyager class' Maths


Voyager class' Maths group had a great time today during Sport relief. We discussed how we can link Maths with sport and the children came up with ideas on how to show this in the lesson. Below are some photos showing high jumps and javelin throwing. The class worked collaboratively to measure each other's jumps and throws using metres and centimetres. What a great way to link two exciting subjects in a fun way!