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Your adults are: 

Ms Wongdies

Ms Fearon

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Welcome to the Summer Term! 

This Term is great! 


We are reading some great texts and learning all about our Solar System and the Anglo Saxons and Vikings who invaded Britain's shores 1400 years ago when the Romans left Britain. We are going to see the Anglo Saxon burial treasure from Sutton Hoo at the British Museum, to bring this even more to life. 


Our current text for literacy is CURIOSITY, ...which is about the Mars rover sent to bring back samples from all over our neighbouring planet. In Destination Reader we are finishing off the Polar Bear Explorer's Club, which is an exciting adventure. We will be creating Anglo Saxon clay pots in Art and in Maths we are working hard to cement our understanding of fractions and moving on to percentages .


PE  is on Tuesdays. We are focussing on fitness and circuits. 

Please send your child to school in PE Kit. PE kit is plain black or navy blue tracksuit / shorts. The t-shirt can be white, black or purple but must also be plain. Trainers can be any colour.

Maths Homework

Your CLIC packs are linked to your current targets in maths. Once you achieve full marks in class, you will be promoted to the next level and the next CLIC pack.


We all need to practice our quick recall of multiples. Log on to Times Table Rockstars to become the ultimate champion!


Writing Homework

We will be practicing our spellings in class and will have a spelling test every Friday. If you would also like to practice at home, the spellings are listed below.


There are also some optional extra activities linked to your writing targets.

Reading Homework

Continue to read at home. We no longer need to record this in a journal - our main aim for you is to enjoy the books you are reading!


Remember we have a fantastic new reading corner ready with brand new books for you to check out and enjoy!


If you have a particular author or genre you'd like more of, let us know.

Life cycles in Autumn 1 - chicks!

Archived material

Welcome to Autumn Term in Year 5!

We have a brilliant team of adults in the year group and we are really excited about working with all of YOU!

We will undertake loads of interesting and challenging learning this year, including: 

-Riveting Writing for many different purposes;

-Improving our splendid spelling and gorgeous grammar so that we are ready to impress; 

- Marvellous Maths - with a particular focus on mental methods and problem solving; 

-Rad Reading - because books are FUN, AND Cool Comprehension - so that we have a secure understanding of texts and can talk and write about them;

-Super Science - lots of practical activities over the year on a range of topics including Space, Life Cycles, Forces and Materials;

- Terrific topics, such as - Black History, Ancient Greeks, Natural Disasters, Rivers, Britain's ancient Settlers;

Lots of awesome Art as well, beginning as always with your self portraits




Day-to-Day info


Spellings will be taught in school and practised at home. Please support your child in memorising their spellings. Tests will be on Friday.


Homework - other homework is not compulsory but encouraged - we may ask children to research a topic we have been looking at in school over the weekend. 



PE vwill be on Wednesdays until Christmas. 

Please send your child to school in PE Kit. PE kit is plain black or navy blue tracksuit / shorts. 

The t-shirt can be white, black or purple but must also be plain. Trainers can be any colour .



We are still unable to take trips on public transport but local trips are possible. We will let you know if we are able to change our risk assessment. 

Welcome to Spring Two!

This half term, we are reading....

Home Learning Grid for Spring 2