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Class Teacher: Ms Harwood

Class TA: Ms Simpson

LSA: Ms Rickwood


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In Summer 1 we will be focussing on...

  • Children spending quality time making their models. Their models are carefully designed and their artwork are more detailed.
  • Children to continue talking freely about signs of spring including flowers and insects.
  • Children will continue to blend words independently. Children to write a simple sentence independently.
  • Children to show problem solving in situations and solve conflicts between themselves.
  • Children using mathematical language in free play confidently, to describe and categorise objects e.g. animals, sizes, weight, capacity etc.

See below for our Spring 2 newsletter- to see an overview of what we got up to this term and what will be happening in Summer 1

 In Spring 2 


  • Children continue using knowledge from their life skill sessions in their free play to impart knowledge.
  • Children talk about signs of spring.
  • Children show an interest in jobs in the community and can talk about them or act out the profession in role-play.
  • Children will continue to blend words, write captions and simple sentences using their sounds with little adult support.
  • Children continue to talk about their emotions and link their feelings to the zones of regulation. They begin to find coping mechanisms and ways to regulate themselves. 
  • Children become storytellers.  Children retell a fairy tale story and act it out.
  • Children will continue to answer number sums and begin to use more language that is mathematical in free play e.g. exploring shapes, patterns, sizes in the environment.


Life Skills 


This week we have been learning how to keep our teeth healthy and clean.  We discussed the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day.  We spoke about what food and drinks are good for our teeth.  We also spoke about sugary foods and how these can affect our teeth.  We then had a go at brushing our own teeth well in class.  

Fairy tale Role Play 

This week we have enjoyed continuing to read fairy tale stories together in class.  We have particularly enjoyed all the stories we have read such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We have then loved acting out these stories with our friends as we have role played being different characters in the stories.  Your child may like to continue role playing these stories at home with you as they retell these stories.  You might like to read the stories together.  

Fairy tale Role Play

Fun Exploring Outside

World Book Day Pancake Day

Chinese New Year

Stop! Look! Listen! Think!

This week we learnt about road safety.  We now understand how to keep ourselves safe when crossing a road.  We learnt how we should hold an adult’s hand and have an adult to help us cross the road safely.  We learnt to look to know when it is safe for us to cross the road.  We understand the importance of wearing a helmet when on a bike or scooter.


We also learnt about the difference between a pelican crossing and a zebra crossing. We did lots of roleplay to help us understand how these are different.  We particularly enjoyed learning about the lollipop person as well.

Handa’s Surprise and Baby Goes to Market

We have enjoyed reading Handa’s Surprise and Baby goes to the market this week.  We have particularly loved learning lots about the different fruit and vegetables we can find at markets.  We have explored where these fruits grow learning about different parts of our world.  We chose to paint observational paintings of fruits.  On Friday afternoon we loved tasting many different fruits too.  We have also loved having a go at weighing different fruits and objects using our scales in class and our hands to compare weights of different items.  Maybe you and your child would like to explore what you can find around your home or in the local environment comparing what is heavy and light together.


Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers


This week we have been reading the story of 'Lost and found'.  Children have loved retelling the story.

Why not watch the clip below, together with your child and talk about the book and feelings/emotions from the penguin and the boy.

Talk about the Antarctica and the Arctic and what animals live there.

Talk about the weather in these places.

What would you wear?

If you were going on an adventure to the Antarctica or Arctic what would you bring?



Why not try and draw a penguin by following step by step youtube instructions below.

We had a go in class :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Penguin

Creating art in our art books


A Bear Snores On 

We have been looking at the book 'A bear snores on' this week and children have been joining in with the story and adding expressions. 

Why not watch the clip below, together with your child and see if they can join in when it says

' but the bear snores on' 

The children know the action. 


See if they can read it with expression. 


Talk to the children about the book and ask these questions:

What is hibernation? ( animals collect their food in Autumn and sleep for a lot of winter, to save their energy) 

Who hibernates in the story? ( the brown bear) 

Where does he hibernate? ( in the cave) 

What is the difference to a brown bear and a polar bear? ( polar bears live in a cold place called the arctic and they have white fur. Brown bears have brown fur and hibernate. Polar Bears do not hibernate) 

Can children think of any other animals that hibernate? ( hedgehogs, squirrels, a mouse) 


can they draw a picture of a brown bear and colour it in. Can they try and write brown bear using their phonics sounds ( Remember this shouldn't be spelt correctly! ) 

Bear Snores On - Story For Kids

In Spring 1 


Children shall begin using knowledge from their life skill sessions in their free play to impart knowledge. 

Children talk about signs of winter.

Children shall begin to write labels, captions and simple sentences using their sounds.  They blend words.  This may be with adult support.

Children will start to record data independently in free flow and begin to answer number sums.


See below for our newsletters 

Week commencing: 4.1.22


Welcome Back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas/Winter Holiday, 

We have been looking at the book 'Polar Bear, Polar bear what do you hear?' this week and children have been joining in with the story and adding expressions. 

Why not watch the clip below, together with your child and join in with the repeated sentences. E.g. polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?

lion, lion, what do you hear? 

See if you can guess the animal before it comes up! 

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

In Autumn 2 we will be focussing on:

  • Majority of children stay at school full time. Children know and understand the classroom routines and boundaries.
  • Children establish their friendships groups.
  • Children independently use resources available in the learning environment.
  • Children improve gross and fine motor skills e.g. through pencil practice, scissor practice and through practising ball skills outdoors.
  • Children begin to use their imagination and think about what they want to create.
  • Children will begin to see themselves as writers- they will be ascribing to the marks they make.
  • ​​​​Children talk about signs of autumn, winter and celebrations.

Winter art fun


Gruffalo owl toast


This week we begun our cooking sessions and this week we started by making our own playdough in different autumnal colours.  We gathered our ingredients together and used these to make our playdough with friends.  We spoke about what we had to do e.g. knead, roll, mix, stir, pour etc.  We listened carefully to instructions.  You can ask your child what they did to make the playdough.  What was our special recipe? 


We are keen to create patterns! We have been busy making lots of patterns using paints, chalks and crayons! We have loved playing patterns games online too.  Can your child make a pattern at home with you? You might like to draw a picture together using patterns.  You could make a certain pattern using claps, hops or jumps too! Indeed, we have loved doing this in class together 


This week we enjoyed seeing what pumpkins floated and what sunk! We predicted what we thought would happen and enjoyed seeing the results of our experiment.  We observed different pumpkins studying these closely to see how these are similar and different 😊 


This week we have been learning all about Diwali and how this is celebrated.  We have enjoyed retelling the story of Diwali, making our own diva lamps, creating Rangoli and Mehndi patterns as well as firework pictures. It has been so much fun 😊 We have even enjoyed dancing to some music for Diwali!  We ended the week trying some traditional food for Diwali too in circle time.  


The Oral Health Promotion team will be hosting sessions via Zoom for parents/ carers who would like to attend in November or December.  Feel free to join for a friendly session where you can find out lots about how to help your child keep teeth clean and healthy.   If you would like to attend, please open the flyer below and join on a zoom link at the time that is most convenient for you :)


Please see below for our Autumn Newsletter.  It tells you lots about what we have been learning, what we will be learning next term and has fun ideas of things you can do this half term : )

Autumn 1 Newsletter


For Autumn 1 our focus is for children to:

Settle happily into their new class

Learn the class routines and expectations

Make new friends

Explore their new learning environment

Manage their personal hygiene and be able to dress themselves

Talk about themselves and their families




We have been learning to read with expression joining in with repeated phrases in much loved books.  We recently read ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and have loved joining in with Bill when he says ‘I want my mummy!’ We have also been reading other books such as ‘So much!’ and ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’  Your child may like to listen to the stories again at home with you and discuss what happens : )

The children have very much enjoyed exploring different resources outside.  We creatively built some dens.  We measured how many tyres tall we are too for example! been enjoying finding different minibeasts outside in the garden such as snails, slugs and worms. They have enjoyed observing what they notice about these.  For example, they have noticed lines on worms and different patterns on slugs and how snails differ in size.  We also caught a few bees and observed these with magnifying glasses!  We then explored together why we need to release the bees back to their environment and how we can help care for these. 

We have began learning phonics!

(Phonics helps your child to read and write) 


You can click on the documents below and spend some time with your child having a go at doing the different activities.  Can your child try to say the sounds at home? You might like to have a go at writing the different sounds/ letters.  We will send home sheets for your child to do this for different letters we are currently learning to write.  You may like to have fun playing the match up game. Try to match the initial sound with the picture e.g., a is for apple 😊 Enjoy!

Your child can listen to the jolly phonics song below to hear the phase 2 phonics sounds being said. 

Your child can enjoy singing the songs, saying the sounds and creating the actions!