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Ulysses Class Year Five

                           WELCOME TO ULYSSES CLASS


Class Teacher: Ms Humphrey


Support staff: Mrs Sortino, Ms Claudia and Ms Walters



Dear Parents/ Carers,


In Maths, we are currently focussing on money this week. This will involve us making amounts of money, working out change and solving word problems. Take a look at www. for some fun activities, which your child can complete independently. 


We will be practising using tone and texture in our artwork to create a final piece. It will be your child's self-portrait. This will be the main piece of work for our topic - Identity and Britain as part of the World.


For ICT, we will be looking at keeping ourselves safe online. Your child's Digital Literacy is extremely important today as they have access to so many social media platforms.


We have started a new text in Literacy, but the children do not yet know the title - this will be revealed over the next few days. Please have a discussion with them about it.


If you would like to contact me, please do ring the school office or send a short note in, with your child. 


Thank you

Ms Humphrey







Important information

Homework for the term