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Astra Class Year Four

Devour this leaflet about when you cub back to schowl!

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Dear Astra, 


So we are in Lockdown 2021! I know it is necessary to keep us all safe, but I miss you all!  


Please email me at with any questions or work you would like me to see or share. 


For our daily home- learning lesson pages, click the picture below:


Kind regards, 


Ms Wongdies 

Our topic is the Romans! 

We will look at:

The Roman Empire and how it grew;

Roman Life;

Pompeii and Vesuvius;

The Roman invasion of the UK



Expanded Noun phrases;



Description, characterisation, action: adventure stories;

Reading: Destination Reader - Escape from Pompeii/ How to Avoid being a Roman Soldier



States of Matter - what are they? How are they different? Which materials can change states? What is special about water




Roman Dance 



Adults Special Instructions

Mrs Wongdies-Payne (class teacher)

Mrs Leach (assitant teacher)

Ms Fearon (assistant teacher)


Spellings will be given out on Fridays and tested on the following Friday. They will also be posted online.

Reading Journals and Maths homework will begin soon.



We are .A.S.T.R.A

The Ambitious, Supportive, Team of  Resourceful Agents .

A team of hardworking students (who are also secret agents).

Welcome to our page. You can find about the learning missions we are currently completing as well as information about our rules and routines. Keep checking each term to find out more.