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Friday 8th January 2020


Literacy Focus: Writing a diary entry

Watch Mr Latheron’s video about how to write a diary entry.

Write a page of A4 about Varjak’s life including three events from the text. Try to include speech punctuation.

Resources: lined paper and pencil

Mission File

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How to log into Big Maths on Fridays

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What to expect in Big Maths CLIC and SAFE challenges


Today, log in to your Big Maths account and complete your CLIC and SAFE challenges - take your time and use scrap paper to help you work out your answers - the challenges look different, but the questions are the same ones that you're used to. Do the Learn-Its as well if you like  - these are timed and you need to work quickly. 

If you have any trouble logging in, please contact your teacher. 

Good luck! 



Today you will be tasting and reviewing at least THREE different kinds of biscuits. 

Your challenge is to raid the biscuit tin and use your sense of taste to complete a table like the one below. 


Don't forget to spend 30 minutes on Timestable Rockstars!

Installment 3 of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin

Sabina Radeva