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Spanish Fun

'The Spanish Experiment' have created free online Spanish lessons with audio!

Visit to begin!


Spanish Pictionary - practice Spanish while playing a classic game!

All you need is some paper, a pencil, and a timer. Designate one person as the artist; he or she will draw a picture of a person, place, or thing while the other players guess (in Spanish of course!). If you have enough people, you can play in teams.

You can make this game beginner friendly by using basic Spanish verbs, adjectives, and nouns, or make it more challenging by using Spanish phrases.


El semáforo is an outdoor game that’s perfect for kids to practice Spanish.
Everyone lines up and an adult, or designated player, calls out commands: “verde” (green) for run, “amarillo” (yellow) for walk, and “rojo” (red) for stop.

Sound familiar? El semaforo is just like the English game Red Light – Green Light.


Cook some Spanish food!