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Wednesday 3rd February

Literacy Focus: Write a story

You shouldn't be reading this today, because it's supposed to be screen free as part of Mental Health Week. Your task is to simply write a story about Varjak Paw solving a problem, such as

  • Finding a friend who has gone missing.
  • Hunting a particularly difficult animal.
  • Investigating a new part of the city.
  • Falling out with his friends.
  • Something else?

Listen to Today's Chapters

Maths activity - print, cut and stick


Calculations with Fractions


Topic- Science 

Environmental changes and endangered species 

Window- Jeannie Baker

Watch this video very carefully (pause if and when you need to) what do you notice about this images in this video? What changes? What stays the same?

Endangered Animal Species - watch this video to learn more about endangered animals

Facts for kids! Leopards, rhinos, gorillas, pandas, polar bears ... Why are all these animals endangered? In this video you will learn about endangered anima...

Complete this worksheet on endangered animals