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Thursday 21st January

Literacy Focus:  Comprehension

Read or listen to Chapter 16. Read it carefully.

Your Big Picture questions will be about this chapter. 

Click to hear Chapter 16


Today we are revising for our CLIC and SAFE assessments. Choose your level and work through the revision sheet. Your parents can support you with this if needed, but remember to do the online work on Friday independently!  


***Optional*** extra Maths 

If your CLIC and safe revision isn't enough for you, please feel free to continue this work on timetables!


Can you match these times, then when you have finished click through to the lesson on calculating time intervals on timetables! 

Colors in Spanish

Made by Learning Spanish with JohannaCheck out our website to find the illustrated vocabulary of this song and much more! http://www.learningspanishwithjoha...