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Dear Parents/Carers of Star Class Pupils,


I am happy to inform you that Star Class has a new e-mail address:


I am missing all the children and I would love to see or hear about what they have been up to. Please send photos to me and I will keep in touch with you and your child. 

I am looking forward to celebrating your child's work on our class page!


Thank you for your fabulous commitment and support.


Stay safe!


from Miss Davies

This is the email from me that has been/will be sent to you.

In Reception we assess the children's learning across 17 areas of the 'Development Matters Framework'. Take a read of the Early Learning Goals which children try to achieve by the end of the Reception Year. There is also a document of ideas you can do at home to support your child in each area. Thank-you for your support.

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Welcome to Star Class.

On this web page we will be putting lots of information about all the exciting things we will be doing this year.

We are very lucky and have lots of adults who will be working in Reception this school year.

Miss Davies - Class Teacher

Miss Simpson - Nursery Nurse

Miss Rickwood - Teaching Assistant

The early years curriculum is based on learning through exploration and play. There are a number of ways you can help your child to learn and make progress:

  • Always be on time.
  • Good attendance
  • Home reading
  • Point out numbers and letters in the environment. 
  • count at every opportunity
  • Talk to your child about the world around them.
  • Ask your child what they have been doing in school.



Reading can be a special time for you and your child. Research has shown that reading for as little as 5 or 10 minutes each day can help support your child’s educational development. 



Top tips for enjoying reading with your child

Ideas for counting



Below are ideas of what you can do at home to support your child's learning. How you learn about them is up to you through- printing the documents off/drawing/writing/talking about them/making things. 

You also have Maths Beat that sums with the timed Jingle below and you also have Bug Club you can access at home to carry on supporting your child's reading. 

Keep checking back as we will be uploading more activities. 


To show support for NHS workers lots of people are displaying rainbows in their windows with the message 'Thank you NHS'. Why don't you have a go with your children and then send us a picture of your efforts to display on our website and a prize for the most creative. Send all entries to with the subject Rainbows in windows.


I would love to see your rainbows too and send them to the Residential Care Home we go and visit so they can print them off and put it in their windows. Please also send your rainbows to our email address

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There are lots of fun interactive games for maths online (See topmarks).

There are lots of mathematical talking opportunities that can happen at home with your child
e.g. when baking- using the scales- talking about heavy and light. 

Compare sizes in your house- whose taller? shortest?

Talk about your daily routine- to help sequencing/ time

Play games e.g. snakes and ladders/ puzzles

Talk about numbers you may see around the house- on bank cards/remote controls

When you go to the supermarket look at the price of things together.



BIG MATHS- have a go at the maths questions below to the timed Big Maths jingle.

The timed jingle tune. Have a go at the steps above while playing this song. Children have to try and complete the step in the time given


Remember to carry on reading through bug club ( where you all have a username and password). Share a book with your child or you can watch cbeebies bedtime stories. Talk about the book together- ask questions to them to help your child's understanding.

For writing opportunities you can support your child by letting them write a shopping list, a recipe, a card, describing a model they may have made etc.


We will be learning about Spring and Farm animals

Picture 1

Farm activities- You choose how you want to learn about them- you can print them off/ draw your own pictures/ write about it/ talk about it

SPRING ACTIVITES- below are some powerpoints on parts of a flower and what you may see in spring. You can choose how you do these activities- talking/drawing/writing/printing them off.


Highlights of last of half term was Children’s Mental Health week. We continued the children’s interest in wrapping with wool and made Worry Dolls.

I would highly recommend 2 books to share with children to help them learn to cope with worries.

Ruby’s Worry

Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry. At first it's not such a big worry, and that's all right, but then it starts to grow. It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again?







and Silly Billy.

Billy is a bit of a worrier. He worries about hats and shoes. He worries about clouds and rain and giant birds. Most of all he worries about staying at other people's houses. His mum and dad try to help, but still Billy worries ... until a visit to his grandma's shows him how to overcome his fears with the aid of his imagination – and some tiny worry dolls.






I have both books in class and I would be happy to lend them to parents and carers.

Children also enjoyed the visit from the dental nurse. We followed it up in class with a lesson about how to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Everyone took their own toothbrush and toothpaste home. 


Please help your child to have healthy teeth by avoiding food and drinks with high sugar content such as sweets and fizzy drinks. Also by booking a regular check-up with a dentist. It’s free!!

Use this link to find a dentist near you.

The children have very much enjoyed their cooking sessions. Cooking is an excellent way of teaching your child mathematical skills. If you need any of our recipes please ask.


Children in Need

Today was Pyjama Day at Athelney to raise money for Children in Need. Everyone looked really cosy. Perfect end to a busy week!


Beckenham Place Park


We had a great trip on Wednesday. I am so proud of how sensibly the children walked to and from the park. We were lucky with such great weather and the sun was shining while we went on our nature hunt. We found autumn leaves, feathers and mushrooms. We all spotted squirrels and birds and saw lots of dogs enjoying the park. We had a lovely picnic lunch and then made a leaf teddy bear. After lunch we played in the playground and as the sun went behind the clouds we made our way back to school. We were very tired but what lovely day.

All About Me Boxes – 8.11.19


Well done to everyone who managed to make a box. We have enjoyed talking to the children about their favourite toys and their photos of family and holidays. It is great for the children’s speaking skills to be able to talk about things which are important to them. They have all had a go at talking to the whole class about their box and this week they all wrote a sentence to go with their photos. This was a chance to practise everything they have learnt in phonics. We are so proud of all them.

STAY AND PLAY – 18.10.19


A big thank-you to everyone who came to the Stay and Play last half-term. The children really enjoyed sharing their play with you and it has helped their confidence grow knowing that you value their learning at school.


We will organise another opportunity for you to come into school soon.

The Learning Journey has begun!

Wow! I am so proud of all the children in Star Class. What a great start to the year. They have come into class quietly and played beautifully.

They are learning the routines of our day, how to line up to go for lunch and how to sit on the carpet so that they are ready for our group learning.

We have been particularly busy:

making tea, dabbing, smiling, cycling, making jigsaws, painting, creating small worlds, writing our names, building, being proud, jumping, squeezing, being kind, dressing up, playing tennis and climbing.