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Special Interests

In the Resource Base we operate a special interest curriculum because we acknowledge that everyone learns best in the context of their own interests. So, when we are choosing texts for learning about writing or Science we consider an individuals interest. For example, if a pupil is interested in dinosaurs and fossils then we can tailor the activities to include researching, writing and math solving around dinosaurs. 


Each Friday one pupil chooses the weeks interest based on their chosen topic. This gives one pupil the attention of all their peers for one special day and all learning activities are based on this particular interest. It's our favourite time of the week! 


Thus far this term we have learnt about football, animals, ants and France/Japan.  

Isla's Special Interest Friday... David Attenborough!  18.11.22

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Half Term prep & Cultural Day

This Friday we spent time preparing ourselves for the Half Term break.  We listened to some social stories and talked about what we could do to help our half term go well.  Lots of children had great ideas such as; tidying up, good listening to Mum, laying the table, washing up, paying compliments.  You can read these social stories on the social story page of our website.


We then celebrated cultural day in the Launch Pad by talking about our identity.  We shared our passions, interests and things that were important to us.  We then did some art work around this and read a fantastic book called 'Be who you are' by Todd Parr.


Please enjoy the photos below!


Half Term Prep and Cultural Day 21.10.22

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Khadijahs Special Interest Friday 7.10.22 Art and LEGO!

Gabriel's Special Interest Friday 23.09.22 MUSIC!

Special Interest Display in School Office

We gets lots of compliments about our great work which you can see when you enter our school.