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Earth Class Year Four

Welcome to Earth Class!



Class Teacher: Miss Townsend

TA: Ms Elin

LSA: Ms Linton

Key Information

  • Swimming every Wednesday
  • PE day TBC
  • Spelling and maths homework go out every Friday, due back on the following Thursday
  • Reading journals - we aim to fill these in daily. 10 minutes will be given each morning (Mon-Thurs) to continue write about what they have read the night before. The Year 4 expectation is a minimum of three entries each week.




These are the methods we use for each operation:

Addition (partitioning or column methods)



Subtraction (bridging the gap or column methods)


e.g. 682-35 children need to:

  • draw an empty number line
  • write the numbers at either end
  • calculate the jump to the next hundred
  • calculate the jump to the largest number
  • add the jumps together


Multiplication (smile - when multiplying by a multiple of ten)


(grid or column methods when multiplying a 2 digit number)




Division (using table facts or 'bus stop' method)








We will be reading 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes together as a class. 



We will also be reading and writing about:


                               Into the Forest                            Leon and the Place Between

                           by Anthony Browne                          by Grahame Baker-Smith