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Tuesday 9th February

Literacy Focus: plan a story

We're planning to write a story from Cludge's point of view. Today, you need to decide what will happen in each stage of your story. Don't forget to write what feelings Cludge has at each stage.

  • The Beginning: Where did Cludge come from? This is what you did yesterday.
  • Build up: Here is where you will write about the moment when Cludge meets Varjak (see Chapter 24 for details). 
  • Problem: Here is where you'll write about going with Varjak to the Contessa's house. Why couldn't Cludge go in it? How did he feel about this?
  • Resolution: Here is where you'll write how Cludge managed to get into the Contessa's house in time to save Varjak from the Gentleman. Was Cludge scared? How did everyone react to it?
  • Ending: Here is where you'll write about what Cludge does after they leave the Contessa's house? Does he stay with Varjak or go off by himself again? How does he feel?

Remember, that this is a planning lesson. Once you have completed the planning sheet, you'll be able to write the details tomorrow.


How can we use our knowledge of angles to improve our understanding of 2D shapes and their properties? Click the link below for a brilliant lesson to help you, and find the worksheets below. 

Today's Maths activity sheets

Topic- DT 

Remember the delicious biscuits you made in week 4? Today you will be creating packaging for your biscuit. 


Your packaging must be: 

  • Box shaped
  • Be able to hold at least 4 biscuits 
  • Include the name and ingredients of your product
  • Include a unique and eye-catching design


ENJOY! and don't forget to email a picture of your biscuit box to your teacher :)